DVSA Website Crashes as New System is Launched DVSA Website Crashes as New System is Launched
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Did anyone else notice the DVSA website crash on day that paper licence was scrapped?

It was inevitable really, on the day that the paper counterpart of the licence is scrapped, the online system developed to replace it crashes. Book Theory Test Today looks at what happened.

Book Theory Test Today says: “That new system for hiring a car we’ve been telling you about, well on the day of its launch it crashed. With any new system, it was likely that the DVSA website was going to crash as motorists flock to familiarise themselves with the new system. Chances are the DVSA website has never seen so much traffic, pun intended.”

What was going wrong with the DVSA website?

Many motorists said that the new system available via the DVSA website – which is not applicable to drivers in Northern Ireland – wasn’t functioning properly, while a number of car hire companies complained of lengthy queues.

However, the DVSA refutes that the problems were as extensive as they’ve been made out; claiming that over 20,000 motorists had successfully accessed the system on the DVSA website without issue.

The DVSA said: “We’ve been working on the system for months.”

Paper counterpart replacement

The new online system replaces the paper counterpart of the driving licence and holds information in relation to driving endorsements and convictions.

Drivers now have to access the DVSA website in order to acquire a code; this code could be requested when a motorist needs to hire a car, either abroad or in the UK.

The code is valid for just three days, which means those travelling abroad would need to locate an internet access point.

DVSA website issues

A car hire firm in Bristol said that the system had caused delays, resulting in a queue of 20 people waiting while staff tried to access their details online.

Richard Stock from U-drive said: “On the day of the launch, the DVSA website failed over a dozen times. Another operator in our vicinity had a queue stretching out the door.”

In response to the issues, the DVSA website said that they didn’t anticipate such high demand, but they are investigating the issue as a matter of urgency.

However, car hire companies are unimpressed with the failings of the DVSA website, with many across the industry saying that the DVSA has implemented the system too quickly.

Chief Executive of the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA), Gerry Keaney, said: “The project’s been rushed through. It’s not brilliant”

There have also been claims that the system is difficult to use, despite the DVSA producing a step-by-step guide to assist users through the process. The DVSA denies that the system is difficult to use.

DVSA Chief Executive, Oliver Morley, said: “It’s very easy to view and share your driving record. Just go to gov.uk and search for ‘view driving licence’.”

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