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Top 10 Embarrassing Learner Driver Moments – Part Two

In part one we covered the first five of the top 10 most embarrassing learner driver moments. Read the concluding part as Book Theory Test Today reveals the final five embarrassing learner driver moments… Can you relate?

The Book Theory Test Today blogger says: “If you thought part one was embarrassing, part two is even more cringe worthy. What’s that? Not a chance you say. See for yourself.”

Here’s the final five of the top 10 most embarrassing learner driver moments you’re likely to have faced…

#6 embarrassing learner driver moment   

Getting the meet and greet wrong. “Hi, I’m David,” says your new driving instructor. “Hi Darren,” you reply. Whoops, on the first lesson you’ve got the instructors name wrong and for some reason your brain doesn’t compute. For the next 6 weeks you’re still calling your instructor Darren, even though his name’s David.

#7 embarrassing learner driver moment   

Asking your dad for a driving lesson definitely has a place in the embarrassment stakes. You’re trying to save money on driving lessons and by asking your dad you think he’ll be more understanding when you stall or make a mistake. Wrong! Prepare yourself for a whole load of yelling, sighing and eye rolling, just as you drive past your mates. Smile.

#8 embarrassing learner driver moment

“At the next junction take a left,” says your instructor. On goes the indicator and you make the turn feeling pretty pleased with yourself. “Why did you turn right?” your instructor asks. Epic blunder, but it happens to the best of us.”

The Book Theory Test Today blogger says: “Yep, once I tried to turned right onto a dual carriageway, even though I very clearly heard the instructor say ‘take a left’. Thankfully, he saw what I was about to do and put a stop to it.”

#9 embarrassing learner driver moment

Going to release the handbrake or change gear, but inadvertently clutching your instructor’s leg. This is super embarrassing and difficult to recover from, usually resulting in a change of instructor.

#10 embarrassing learner driver moment

Last, but by no means least, the kissing of the examiner after passing your test. It can be considered an embarrassing learner moment, however, let’s just remember that you’ve passed your driving test and in the excitement of the moment you plant a kiss on the instructor’s cheek.

It’s ok though because on the momentous day that you pass your exam, you will never have to see them again, hopefully.

That’s it folks, our two part embarrassing learner driver moments series is complete. Hope it makes you feel better that you’re not alone in experiencing the occasional driving blunder.

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