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The End of Paper Driving Licences – What Do You Need to Know?

From June 2015, paper driving licences will be no more. Learner drivers passing a theory test and practical driving test after this date will no longer be presented with paper licence counterparts. Book Theory Test Today tells you what you need to know…

Paper driving licences scrapped

It’s just a matter of weeks before paper driving licences are scrapped as the Government seeks to simplify life for motorists.

Paper driving licences will make way for; you guessed it, a new online system which will store the details of all drivers in possession of a full UK licence. This signals the end of the 17-year-old, two part-licensing system, which requires motorists to carry a credit-card sized photo-card, plus a green counterpart document. 

Penalty points

Paper driving licences are currently used to list any penalty points or endorsements and, if held after June 8, legally it has no status. Penalty points after June 8 can be checked online, by post or phone with the DVSA.

Beyond June 8 paper driving licences can be destroyed, but motorists must keep their photo-card. However, paper driving licences issued prior to the photo-card being introduced in 1998, are still valid and should not be disposed of.

Renewing your licence

If you’re renewing your licence, subject to 10 year renewal laws, or changing the name and address on a licence after June 8, you will only receive a photo-card licence in return.

New online system

The new online system is a free View Driving Licence service known as MyLicence, which enables you to view the details on your driving licence. The joint venture between the DVSA and the Motors Insurers Bureau (MIB) will allow you to access your licence information, which will show the type of vehicles your licence permits you to drive and any penalty points you have incurred.

The decision to scrap paper driving licences in favour of the new online system came as a result of the Government’s Red Tape Challenge consultation concerning road transportation.

The new system is designed to provide real-time information on licences and make it easier for motorists who don’t necessarily want to contact the DVSA directly.

It’s expected that scrapping paper driving licences will save the Government an estimated £8 million and will also give insurers access to drivers’ details in order to cut down on fraud and access will only be given to those who have a right to see the information.

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