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Beware New Driving Licence Scam

Driving licence scam warning.

Book Theory Test Today has learnt of a new driving licence scam sweeping across social media. Fake DVLA documents, including photocard licences, theory test and practical driving test certificates are being sold for up to £600, with scammers saying that buyers won’t need to sit a driving test to get behind the wheel.

The fraudsters claim to work for the Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency (DVLA), however, those sucked in by the scam claim to never receive the fake documents, despite paying upfront for illegal certificates.

Can’t Report Driving Licence Scam to Police

Victims then find themselves out of pocket because they can’t report it to the police that they were trying to buy a fake licence for fear of criminal action.

However, as part of the scam, fraudsters are taking people’s personal information, including address details, date of birth and passport photos.

The driving licence scam has left buyers vulnerable to further identity fraud attacks in the future. One learner driver revealed that she found the scammers’ account on Instagram and paid £500 to ‘pass her theory test and practical exam.’

Her driving licence details were sent over on the ‘view your licence website’, but the information turned out to be totally fake. The driver revealed she never got her plastic driving licence card through the post, and was desperate to retrieve her money after falling foul of the scheme.

Messages between the driver and the scammer show that the ‘view your licence’ page indicated that the customer had a ‘full driving licence’, despite never taking a theory test or practical exam.

Further Investigation

Further investigations show that the passport images used by the scammers were simply mock-ups and licences displayed numbers not listed in the DVLA’s database.

It would mean that had people buying fake documents been stopped by the police, it would show that they had been driving without a valid licence.

Driving without a licence can incur a fine of up to £1,000 and six points on their real licence and disqualification from driving.

Others who engaged with the scammers revealed that they did receive documents, with one driver revealing that the scam had a fake theory test policy.

What Has the DVLA Said?

The DVLA has confirmed that documents issued to ‘customers’ by the scammers are not legal or official. A DVLA spokesperson said: “Only the DVLA can issue a driving licence. We can confirm that the examples we’ve seen are not genuine.”

What Book Theory Test Today Says

Theory test and practical test pass certificates can only be issued by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), while genuine licences are issued by the DVLA. If you have not taken a theory test or practical test, you cannot obtain a driving licence legally.

Theory test and practical exams can be booked using Book Theory Test Today services or directly through the DVSA. People buying from these scammers will learn the hard way that there is no fast-track route to getting behind the wheel.

Fake licences are a danger to those using them and other road users, and scammers have no regard for the safety of others.

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