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Booking a UK Driving Test Online is Challenging [At The Moment]

Booking a UK driving test online.

Are you finding that booking a UK driving test online is quite challenging, currently? We know it’s frustrating, but it’s to be expected. After all, the coronavirus pandemic is unlike anything we’ve experienced, causing severe disruption all over the world. Here’s an update on how driving test booking is currently operating…

In a recent blog, we explained that the DVSA’s system for booking a UK driving test online is intermittently opening, enabling test candidates to book available appointments. However, once all slots are filled, the booking system is temporarily closed until more appointments are made available.

Booking a UK Driving Test Online in September

The booking system is seemingly opened weekly (usually on a Monday), based on recent activity.

Appointments were made available on 1 September and were quickly filled, and the booking system was quickly taken offline. The system was then reopened on 7 September. However, appointments were once again filled, leaving many candidates frustrated.

The system will not open again now until 8am on Monday, 14 September. Thousands of learner drivers have vented their frustration over the system.

In Worcester, learner driver Charlotte Leone Newman, 32, said: “It’s been a nightmare. I was due to take my test in March, and I was ready to take it and then we were locked down and I couldn’t do lessons.”

“My theory test runs out in November and I’ve not been able to drive for almost six months, she added.

Huge Queue Times

Candidates attempting to book a UK driving test online directly with the DVSA have reported ‘queuing’ times of up to six hours. The DVSA is currently overwhelmed by a huge backlog, which extends all the way back to March when the UK government put the country on lockdown.

Although priority has been given to candidates whose driving tests were cancelled amid the pandemic, many have been unable to secure a new appointment.

The DVSA has already stated that theory test certificate expiration dates will not be extended in England, Scotland and Wales (the DVA in Northern Ireland has extended theory test certificate validity) leaving many driving test candidates on a tight deadline.

Worcester based driving instructor, John Grayson, told the Worcester News: “I don’t know what else can be done to speed tests along – everything is held up at the moment in life because of this pandemic.”

David Wilkinson, an instructor based in Malvern, said: “There is a huge backlog and many people are trying to access the website as they want to start a job or do something needing a car, so they scramble to book their tests. I do have one student who booked a test a couple of weeks ago who was about 300 in the queue but managed to get a date.”

Book Theory Test Today Can Help

Booking a UK driving test online can currently involve lengthy waiting times, but we can help. With a few of your details, we can secure an available driving test appointment for you on your behalf. To get started with your booking, click here.

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