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UK Driving Lessons Surge as Learner Drivers Try to Catch Up

Male learner driver taking UK driving lessons.

As learner drivers look to secure limited appointments for driving theory tests and practical exams, the number of UK driving lessons has surged. With a new look theory test now launched and practical exams limited, more learner drivers are taking to the road more frequently to brush up on their skills.

Why are UK Driving Lessons Surging?

Data shows that nearly 40% of UK learner drivers are taking two or more separate driving lessons per week, with 61% of those having started learning prior to lockdown. The surge in UK driving lessons has been attributed to several factors, with some of the top reasons being:

  • Wanting to make up for months lost – 36%
  • Saving up the money that would have been spent on lessons during lockdown – 21%
  • Taking a practical driving test before a theory test certificate expires – 12%
  • Desperation to pass and own a car to enjoy the freedoms that come with driving – 10%
  • Block booking deal with a driving instructor – 7%

Of those who had started driving lessons before lockdown, 77% think they would have already passed their driving test had the country not been brought to a standstill.

Public Transport

There has also been a rise in the number of people, who weren’t learning to drive prior to the lockdown, now booking lessons. According to industry data, the top motivators for new learner drivers are:

  • Not wanting to use public transport anymore – 33%
  • Wanting to visit friends and family in other parts of the country – 32%

Meanwhile, 45% of new learners said they had no intention of starting driving lessons… until the UK was put on lockdown.

Driving Lessons Cancelled for Months

Driving instructors had grown increasingly frustrated amid the national lockdown, with limited information about when driving lessons, theory tests and practical exams could return.

Driving tests did eventually restart on 22 July, while theory tests and driving lessons resumed on 4 July.

Head of instructor support at Bill Plant Driving School, Tom Hixon, said: “With the driving school industry having been shut for many months, there were hundreds of thousands of people around the UK who had to put lessons on hold or delay starting them.”

“What’s great to see is that so many who never considered learning to drive are now working to get their driving licence, and we don’t blame so many for wanting to take two or more lessons a week – but ultimately it all comes down to someone’s driving ability and safety on the road,” Hixon added.

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