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Driving Lessons and the Coronavirus Lockdown | Some Advice

Taking driving lessons during coronavirus.
Driving Lesson Advice During Coronavirus.

Driving hasn’t been completely banned under coronavirus lockdown measures. So, does this mean you can still take driving lessons? Based on government guidelines, we would recommend not taking driving lessons during this time, to avoid endangering yourselves and others.

To keep your driving skills sharp, it’s tempting to take to the roads for a driving lesson while on lockdown. However, government guidelines are very clear about the circumstances under which you can drive during the coronavirus pandemic. Government guidance states you can drive for the following purposes:

  1. For medical reasons, to provide care, or to help vulnerable people
  2. Travelling to and from work, but only when you cannot work from home
  3. To shop for basic necessities such as food. However, the government advises to do this as infrequently as you can, and use delivery services instead if possible.

Based on this guidance, if you are an advanced learner driver on the verge of taking a driving test, theoretically you could use any of the above instances to get some driving practice in – provided that you’re accompanied by a competent driver that you’re living with.

However, we would still advise against it, as police do have the powers to fine people if they’re stopped and found to be driving unnecessarily.

Wait it out  for driving lessons

We understand that this time is immensely frustrating and could potentially knock your confidence when it comes to getting back behind the wheel. But be assured, you will be able to pick things up again when all this is over. It’s said that driving a car is like riding a bike, once you’ve done it, you don’t forget.

Don’t worry about how the lockdown will affect your driving skills. The best thing you can do right now is ride this pandemic out and use the time to prepare for your theory test – if you hadn’t already taken it prior to the lockdown.

You can also make use of Book Theory Test Today’s video guides to the UK practical driving test, which give you some great tips on how to pass your test.

They are a fantastic resource for learner drivers close to taking their practical exam, containing useful information on how to stay calm during the exam and looking at some of the key elements of the test that often catch candidates out.

When you can resume lessons, be ready. The world of driving could look very different in the future.

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