Fun with Theory Test Revision on Coronavirus Lockdown Fun with Theory Test Revision on Coronavirus Lockdown
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Fun with Theory Test Revision on Coronavirus Lockdown

Theory Test Revision amid Coronavirus.

UK theory tests are currently suspended until 31 May, 2020. However, the suspension doesn’t mean you can’t be prepared for your theory test once lockdown measures are lifted, and there are some great ways you can get your family and friends involved in your theory test revision routine…

Video calls have been the best way for family and friends to stay connected since the UK was put on coronavirus lockdown. Book Theory Test Today has been inspired by the creative ways people have used video to keep spirits up in these challenging times.

One of the best ways video has been used is to host quiz nights and that got us thinking, you could host theory test themed quiz nights with your friends and family. The idea is that you have friends and family quiz you on your driving theory knowledge.

It’s a great way to connect with those you love, have some interactive fun and keep your driving theory knowledge sharp. You can have someone set questions from the Highway Code and then your friends and family each take it in turns to quiz you with questions you’re likely to be asked when you can take your theory test.

Best video call apps for your theory test revision quiz

#1 – Zoom

Zoom is probably the most popular lockdown video call app, allowing up to 100 people at once under its basic, free plan. Normally, you’d be restricted to a 40-minute call duration, but with the UK on lockdown, Zoom is allowing unlimited minutes for free.

#2 – Facetime

Another popular video call app during lockdown, Facetime allows up to 32 people to join a call at any one time. Facetime is free, but it is only available on Apple devices.

#3 – Skype

A Skype video call allows you to host up to 50 people from anywhere in the world, for free. So, no matter where your friends and family are, they’ll be able to tune into your theory test revision themed quiz. Skype can be used on mobile devices, computers, smart watches and even an Xbox One.

#4 – WhatsApp

WhatsApp works on all devices, but is limited by the number of people you can have on a video call at one time, only allowing up to four users.

#5 – Google Hangouts

Great for hosting your theory test revision quiz night with up to 10 people from anywhere in the world using the basic, free version.

#6 – Snapchat

Snapchat video calling allows you to host up to 15 people for free. As an added bonus, you can use the app’s silly filter feature during your quiz.

#7 – Instagram

Not many people know that Instagram has video calling capabilities, probably because it’s not obvious. To access video calling on Instagram, you will need to head to the chat section by clicking the icon that looks like a paper aeroplane.

From there, click the camera icon and then select who you want to participate in your theory test revision quiz. You can select up to six people to join you.

Have fun and keep revising

While theory test centres across the UK are officially closed to non-essential workers until 31 May, unofficially it could be longer.

That’s why we’re encouraging you to stick with your theory test revision and come up with creative ways to learn and keep your driving theory knowledge fresh. Stay safe and stay well.

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