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Driving License: How to Pass Theory Test

Getting around in the UK can, at times, be difficult. Cities, towns and villages are often spread out, with good transport links not always being readily available. It is why a large majority of the adult population in the UK either own a car or have access to one. However, just having access to a motor-vehicle isn’t enough, you must legally be entitled to drive the vehicle by way of a driving licence as well as being covered by insurance.
Getting that licence requires you to study and pass the driving test. The test can be very stressful, for there is much to learn. However, this article will provide you what you need to sail through for the first time.
Driving Theory Test
The test was introduced with a view of enhancing driving standards by training drivers about rules applicable on the road. The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) is the agency tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that every driver understands what is expected of them. The test has two parts, namely the theory test, followed by a hazard perception test.
Book the Test
The first process of gaining a driving licence begins with a simple process of booking the test. The process is said to be easy because you can avoid the hassle by transferring it to a third party and as you concrete on studying for the test.
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Theory Test
It’s a multiple choice test that is performed on a computer, at your local, designated test centre. The theory test starts with a set of instructions and practices examples. There are 50 multiple-choice questions that should be completed in 57 minutes.
Tips of how to pass the test
You should complete each question within a minute, for this will give you a few minutes to go through your answers before time elapses.
Flag all questions that you are not sure of and move quickly to the next one, then come back to complete the ones you didn’t answer in the first round.
Read the case study carefully since five questions or so are derived from the short story.
You can end the theory test once you are done to verify the answers and take a three minutes break before moving to the hazard-perception test.
Hazard Perception Test
It’s a critical test introduced in 2002 to prepare drivers for possible dangers on the road. The test has 14 video clips each one minute long with a single or two hazards that you are required to identify. These hazards are either potential, developing, or actual. You will have one clip for practice before you start the test.
Tips for passing the hazard perception test.
Potential hazards incidents have a huge potential of developing into an actual hazard. Developing hazards can be stopped by taking preventative action such as manoeuvring, or barking to prevent an accident.
You need to click the mouse when you see a situation turn to developing a hazard or an actual hazard.
Avoid clicking when the hazard has passed for all random clicking are penalized.
Thus click the mouse immediately you see it to earn more points.
There is a 10-second interval between clips, use those seconds to prepare yourself for the next clip.
Studying For the Test
You will receive a handbook that contains 1000 questions, and out of these, only 50 multiple choice questions will be used for your test. Study the sample questions and the suggestions for passing this test.
You can buy or borrow the approved DVSA book or video guide with both tests. On the other hand, there are numerous online resources that are available for free. However, ensure that all the materials you are using are official DVSA materials. Booktheorytesttoday.com is one of useful resource that you can use to study for your test, especially when you book the theory test through them.
Study all questions thoroughly since the theory test picks the 50 questions randomly. You can also practice answering these questions within a minute or less so that you can be able to complete the test earlier or within the allotted 57 minutes.
Mock Test
There is a provision for a mock test, and it’s recommended to take advantage of this opportunity, for it will help you gauge your confidence. As stated above, Booktheorytesttoday.com will help you to reschedule the test if your mock test result proves that you are not ready.
Pass Mark
You need to get 43 out of the 50 questions in the theory test and 44 out of 75 on the hazard perception test. You will proceed to the practical driving test if you attain these marks or book a retest when you fail.
Driving Practice
Theory tests and driving itself are inseparable, and they are designed in a matter that they will transform a new learner to a proficient driver. Therefore, study the practice materials carefully prior to driving lessons to help convert the theoretical knowledge into practice.
Carry your provisional licence when going for the theory test; otherwise, you will be required to pay for the test because you had booked it even if you won’t take it.
Preparation before the Tests
Have your photocard driving license ready for this day, for you won’t be allowed to take the test without it, and you will forfeit the £23.
You can plan to arrive 30 minutes before time to avoid issues that can affect your performance.
Utilize your 15 minutes practice time properly to familiarize yourself with the format of the questions, the touch screen, as well as ensure that all gadgets are working correctly.


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