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Highway Code: What Is It?

Highway codes are rules that are set by the government to govern how all road users conduct themselves when on the road. England, Scotland, and Wales have highway codes that are geared towards protecting all road users.
Indeed each individual can be affected when drivers and riders don’t observe these Highway Codes. Therefore, it’s important to be careful when using the road and to be considerate of others.
Failure to observe these requirements will be counted as a criminal offence that attracts fines, penalty points, or disqualified totally from driving.
Dangerous driving attracts an unlimited fine or two year’s imprisonment or obligatory disqualification.
Dangerous cycling attracts £2,500 fine and £500 when caught cycling on the pavement.
The following are some of the rules that all road users should observe at all times.
Walking Alongside the Road
Use the pavement provided, look both sides if you choose to get onto the road, and always be considerate of other users.
Always keep on the right-hand side where there is no pavement; this will help you to see all oncoming traffic.
Use reflective materials when it’s dark for this will help other users to see you.
Don’t allow your young children to walk alone on the road or pavement. Walk between them and the road if you choose to take them for a walk.
Pedestrians Crossing the Road
Cross the road at the zebra, footbridge, pelican, puffin crossing, subway, or any other safe place.
Train your children to use crossing points that are regulated by a school crossing patrol, police officer, or traffic warden.
Traffic can come from either direction therefore listen and look keenly before stepping on the road.
Cross the road when there is a safe gap between the traffic and focus when crossing for the traffic can be approaching faster than you think.
Cross the road while walking and not running so that you can see other pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcyclists using other lanes. Further, don’t cross diagonally but instead walk straight to the other side of the road.
Be careful when crossing the road at a junction; however, you have the priority when crossing and should proceed when traffic turns into the road.
Ensure that the traffic has stopped before crossing the road and use zebra markings or studs when doing that. Further, crossing on the zig-zag lines is dangerous and should be avoided.
It’s advisable to use the zebra crossings for it helps the traffic to see you and stop. Be observant even when using it because a rider or driver may attempt to overtake another vehicle as it stops at the crossing.
Cyclists should wear a helmet and fluorescent clothes to help other users to see them during the day and reflective clothing or accessories at night.
Stick to the segregated tracks for cyclists, and you should be careful when passing pedestrians in unsegregated lanes. Pedestrians use footpath and pavement, but cyclists can’t use the pavement at all.
Motorcyclists and their passengers should wear a protective helmet and should never carry more than one passenger.
Wear a brightly colored helmet, fluorescent strips, or clothing during the day and reflective gear in the dark. The clothing helps other road users to see you from a long distance.
Remember to observe who is behind you or on the sides before maneuvering. Use your mirrors to see behind, and when queuing lookout for vehicles emerging at the changing lanes or pedestrians crossing in between cars.
You are required to have a provisional motorcycle licence and complete the Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) course.
A full motorcycle licence will be issued after passing the theory and practical test. You can book your theory test through Booktheorytesttoday.com, and the company will allow you to take up to 3 free retests.
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Avoid driving when tired or drunk for these two will affect your abilities and judgment.
You must not overload or toll more than the capacity of your car or as stipulated in your licence permits.
Always wear a safety belt in cars, and this applies to adults or children 14 years and above. Use approved child restraint for children below 14 years.
Licence Requirements
All drivers and riders must have a motorcycle licence. They must go through the compulsory Basic Training (CBT) course, take the theory and practical test. Therefore, you need a valid driving licence that is issued based on the motor vehicle category you’re driving.
Non-UK residents can use their community licence for a maximum of 12 months, but they will need a British provisional licence if they wish to continue driving in the UK.
Each motor vehicle must have a mot certificate that is issued three years after first the registration and every year afterward.
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