How to Do Theory Test Revision During Coronavirus Lockdown How to Do Theory Test Revision During Coronavirus Lockdown
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Get Your Theory Test Revision Done During Coronavirus Lockdown

UK driving theory tests are suspended up to and including 20 April, 2020 – maybe even longer – due to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic. If you had a theory test booked, you’ll get an email telling you it’s been cancelled and a full refund. However, you should use the coronavirus lockdown for theory test revision.

With UK driving theory tests suspended until further notice, it presents an opportunity for you to get some extra theory test revision under your belt. Use the time wisely so that you’re fully prepared once lockdown restrictions are lifted.

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Theory Test Revision Top Tips

Learner drivers doing theory test revision.
Top tips for theory test revision.

#1 – It’s recommended that you do 20 hours of theory test revision, which you can split across multiple days during lockdown. 20 hours is a minimum, but there’s no reason why you can’t do more, especially if you know there’s a theory test topic you need to improve your knowledge on.

#2 Use the Highway Code as a reference point. Theory test questions are based on guidance found in the Highway Code, so as part of your theory test revision, study the Highway Code to improve your driving knowledge.

#3 Put your knowledge to the test. After a few theory test revision sessions, try taking a mock theory test. There are hundreds available online for you to try. Taking a mock test will help you identify where your driving knowledge is strong, but more importantly, where you can improve. You should include a hazard perception test when practicing.

#4 Get your family involved. Use lockdown time to have your family quiz you with genuine theory test questions. It’s a great way to keep your knowledge sharp and lessen the boredom. There’s no reason why you can’t get creative with a theory test pop quiz. Give it a try!

#5 Keep learning. None of us know how long we could be on lockdown and how long theory tests could be suspended, so make sure that you set aside some time for theory test revision each day. It doesn’t have to be huge amounts of time, just enough to keep your knowledge fresh throughout these challenging times.

Be ready

When your theory test day does eventually come around, you will want to be as ready as you can be. Put the work in while on lockdown and you will reap the reward of a theory test pass certificate.

From all of us at Book Theory Test Today, stay safe, stay healthy and stay indoors!

Theory Test Bookings

We’re currently unable to take theory test bookings due to the suspension. However, our online resources are available and free to use to support your theory test revision. If you had made a booking with us prior to the lockdown and you need to get in touch, click here to contact us.

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