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Tips to Get Top Marks in Your Hazard Perception Theory Test

Is the hazard perception theory test giving you jip? It’s time to end your torment. Book Theory Test Today’s top tips will help you get a 100% score.

To pass the driving theory test and practical exam, you must conquer the hazard perception test, a gruelling assessment of your ability to spot potential danger on the roads. You will encounter hazards every day when driving and you need to be able to handle yourself in potentially dangerous motoring situations.

Roundabouts, junctions and traffic lights are just some of the static hazards you will come across, but the hazard perception theory test won’t be scoring you on these. Instead, you will need to have an eye for developing hazards, like those pesky pedestrians and cyclists lurking around every corner.   

Be Quick To Click in the Hazard Perception Theory Test

Click as quickly as you can when you spot a hazard happening. The quicker you click, the higher your points tally. If the hazard changes or turns into something serious, click again. For more information on the hazard perception theory test, read our beginner’s guide.

What is a Hazard?

Hazards are anything that can cause a driver to change direction, cause harm, change speed or stop. Hazards are generally grouped together into categories. For example:

  • Environmental (e.g. road surfaces and weather)
  • Other road users (e.g. cyclists, drivers, horses, motorcyclists and pedestrians)
  • Stationary (e.g. bends, junctions, parked cars and roundabouts)

During your hazard perception theory test, if you spot any of these click your mouse button ASAP. You can score a maximum of five points per click, so stay vigilant. Hazards rarely occur alone, there are usually several taking place at once increasing the risk of danger. You need to recognise a hazard quickly to give yourself time to react. Anticipation is key…

The ABCs of the Hazard Perception Theory Test

Always Be Concentrating. If you concentrate, you can anticipate danger and avoid serious situations. Watch for cars or bikes exiting driveways, children on the pavement who could potentially run out into the road and buses stopping to alight passengers that could walk out from behind the bus.

Steer clear of hazards by learning to spot them early. With that in mind…

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