What is the Best Day and Time Slot to Pass a Driving Test What is the Best Day and Time Slot to Pass a Driving Test
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What is the Best Time Slot to Pass a Driving Test?

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With coronavirus forcing nearly 500,000 driving tests to be cancelled or rescheduled, many will be eager to pass their test now that practical exams have resumed. According to a new poll conducted by greeting card company thortful.com, there are best times and days to pass a driving test.

Thortful.com surveyed UK drivers who have passed their driving test over the last five years to find out if there is a pattern based on the time and day a learner driver passed their exam.

For the superstitious among you, Thortful.com’s research found that there IS a day when more learner drivers seemingly pass a driving test compared to others. According to the poll, more drivers passed their test on a Wednesday compared to other days of the week.

So, if you think that you need a bit of luck passing your driving test, book it to take on a Wednesday. Thortful.com’s survey reveals that:

  • 19 percent passed a driving test on a Wednesday
  • 18 percent passed on a Tuesday
  • 17 percent passed on a Thursday

Best Time Slot to Pass a Driving Test

However, it’s not just the day that helps you to pass a driving test. According to the survey, the time slot is important too. Thortful.com’s research found:

  • 26 percent of learner drivers passed a test in the 10 – 11am slot
  • 17 percent were successful in the 9 – 10am slot
  • 12 percent earned a pass certificate in the 11am – 12 noon slot

Most driving tests in the UK have now resumed, but look very different to what they were prior to the coronavirus outbreak. There is currently a huge backlog as the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) scrambles to schedule new appointments for all those who had their driving test cancelled amid the pandemic.

Unfortunately, if you hadn’t booked prior to COVID-19, you will have to wait a while longer to pass a driving test as new bookings currently aren’t being accepted.

Driving Test Changes COVID-19

Coronavirus has meant that some aspects of the driving test have had to be changed. Candidates will be required to wear face masks, but there are exemptions. For example if you suffer with asthma, you won’t be required to wear a face covering.

One of the major changes is that the duration of your driving test will be cut short if you commit a serious offence or dangerous fault that results in test failure. Rather than continuing your test for the full duration, you will immediately be directed back to the test centre. This is to minimise the amount of time that you’re in the car.

Need to Reschedule Your Driving Test?

If you’re practical driving test or theory test was cancelled because of COVID-19, we can rebook on your behalf. Rather than you having to sit around waiting for a cancellation or trying to secure a time slot during your hectic schedule, we take care of everything for you.

We can help you book a practical driving test sooner rather than later. Book now!

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