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UK drivers living in EU face passing driving test if there a no-deal Brexit!

Brexit will affect Brits living in EU countries, there’s no escaping it and it seems UK drivers will have to face passing a local driving test if Britain leaves the EU without a deal. On 15 January, Theresa May’s Brexit deal was rejected by MPs, making a no-deal Brexit increasingly likely. Here’s what we know!

Book Theory Test Today has learned that Britons living in the EU face having to pass a driving test in the country where they live, if Britain breaks away from the EU without a withdrawal deal. The UK government has warned Brits living in EU member states to switch their UK licence to one in their country of residence, as soon as possible.

The AA has estimated that more than 500,000 Brits living in France and Spain, could potentially face having to pass a new driving test if Britain fails to agree a deal with the European Union.

International driving permit

Meanwhile, Brits wanting to drive in the EU while on holiday, on business trips or visiting friends and family, may need to buy an international driving permit (IDP) at a cost of £5.50. If visiting more than one EU country, Brits face having to buy an IDP for each country in which they want to drive.

A UK government statement, said: “If you are a UK licence holder living in the EU or EEA you should exchange your UK driving licence for a local EU driving licence before 29 March, 2019. From that date, in the event that there is no EU Exit deal, you may have to pass a driving test in the EU country you live in to be able to carry on driving there.”

“You should consider exchanging your UK driving licence for an EU driving licence as soon as possible. Increased demand may lead to longer processing times and delays to exchanging driving licences the closer it is to 29 March, 2019,” the statement said.

“If you return to live in the UK, provided you passed your driving test in the UK (or another specified country), you can exchange your EU licence for a UK licence without taking another test,” the statement added.

Passing driving test one of many consequences

Retaking and passing a driving test, plus switching to another driving licence, are two very real possibilities should the UK government fail to secure a deal with the EU. With that in mind, if you plan on moving to – or visiting an EU country – on or after 29 March, 2019, it’s better to be prepared.

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