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Driving Test Centre Pass Quotas | Fact or Fiction?

Type in driving test centre on the news section of any search engine and you will get a load of articles saying how easy or hard it is to pass a driving test at centres all over the UK. These articles have reignited an old debate… do UK driving test centres have pass quotas?

The DVSA strongly denies that any UK driving test centre has a quota. However, former driving test examiners claim that they have lost their jobs because they didn’t fail enough test candidates. It does seem that it’s easier to pass a test at certain driving test centres, while others have a notorious reputation for failing candidates. However, it could be argued that the location of a driving test centre plays a part in how easy or difficult it is to pass.

The Case Against Driving Test Centre Pass Quotas

Why do city-based driving test centres have a higher failure rate than rural test centres? It’s a simple case of driving difficultly. In a built up, urban location, there’s much more to contend with on the driving test, particularly when it comes to hazards, volume of traffic and road signs.

Candidates taking a practical driving test in rural locations don’t have as much to deal with in terms of roads signs, traffic volumes and in some cases, hazards. However, candidates in rural locations are tested just the same.

The test is the same for everyone, but the DVSA does admit that the chances of passing at a driving test centre in a rural location, are higher.

The Case For Driving Test Centre Pass Quotas

Plenty of former driving examiners have claimed that every UK driving test centre has a secret pass and fail quota and that they were put under pressure to stick to them. Many claim that they lost their job as a result of failing to keep to quotas.

According to some former examiners, quotas are computer generated. Meanwhile, one former examiner told the Daily Mirror back in 2015 that he was told to fail two-thirds of female learner drivers.

Despite the claims, the DVSA said: “The agency uses a computer programme to predict pass rates, not to set targets for examiners. Examiners are never given a target pass rate and every test is assessed on its own merits. Examiners do not have quotas for passes” It could be argued that former examiners claim that there are driving test centre pass quotas, in retaliation to losing their job.

Either way, the debate rumbles on.

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