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Apr 19

Driving Test Wait Times Costing Learners Nearly £200

A lack of available driving test dates is costing learner drivers an extra £195, according to a new study. Driving test wait times mean learners are taking extra driving lessons to keep their skills sharp while waiting for their test date. The average driving test wait time across the UK is currently 10 weeks. Driving […]

Feb 19

Driving Test Centre Pass Quotas | Fact or Fiction?

Type in driving test centre on the news section of any search engine and you will get a load of articles saying how easy or hard it is to pass a driving test at centres all over the UK. These articles have reignited an old debate… do UK driving test centres have pass quotas? The […]

Dec 18

Driving Test Should Feature Compulsory Drink and Drug Awareness

Campaigners are demanding that the UK driving test feature compulsory drink and drug awareness training as drink and drug driving casualties hit a four-year high in the UK. While the driving test was updated on 4 December, 2017 campaigners are concerned that drink and drug awareness training is lacking… According to Department for Transport (DfT) […]

Nov 18

What is the Independent Driving Test?

Since the driving test was updated in December 2017, there’s been a lot of confusion over the independent driving part of the driving test, including how long you’re expected to drive independently for and whether a sat nav is used. Here are the facts about the independent driving test. The independent driving test was introduced […]

Nov 18

Driving Test Failure a Sign of Being Smart

Bizarre results from recent research suggest that driving test failure is actually a sign of being smart! It might not be much of a consolation after all the time, effort and money you’ve put in to taking your practical driving test. However, at least you know that you’re smarter for failing… The research, carried out […]

Oct 18

Passed Your Driving Test But Never Driven? Here’s What You Can Do

If you passed your driving test months or even years ago, don’t worry, you’re not alone – it’s quite a common occurrence! In fact, one in 10 new motorists haven’t driven for 12 months since passing their practical driving test. Here’s what you can do to get back on the road. It might be that […]

Oct 18

Driving Theory Test for the Deaf

If you’re deaf or hearing impaired, special needs provision is available when taking your driving theory test. There are a number of theory test resources you can use to prepare you for your exam, while the DVSA makes the theory test accessible for deaf and hearing impaired candidates. Here are some of the facts… Driving […]

Sep 18

Driving Test FAQs: Are Student Discounts Available for Practical and Theory Tests?

Driving Test FAQs: Are Student Discounts Available for Practical and Theory Tests? One of the most common driving test FAQs, college and university students often ask ‘are student discounts available for the practical driving exam and driving theory test?’ Becoming a member of the National Union of Students (NUS) has many benefits if you are […]

Aug 18

Will the Driving Test Exist in 2040?

Industry experts reckon that in just over 20 years the driving test will be a thing of the past, with self-driving cars ruling the roads. Based on findings and discussions from a panel of automotive industry experts and car manufacturers, it’s estimated that the current driving test could be made redundant by 2043. A rise […]

May 18

Digital Driving Test Marking Coming This Year

Driving test examiners are set to ditch clipboards for iPads as the DVSA introduces digital driving test marking as part of a wider digital strategy. What does this mean for learner drivers and will it change the way the practical driving test is marked? Here’s what we know… Come the end of 2018, driving examiners […]


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