Driving Test Failure a Sign of Being Smart Driving Test Failure a Sign of Being Smart
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Driving Test Failure a Sign of Being Smart

Bizarre results from recent research suggest that driving test failure is actually a sign of being smart! It might not be much of a consolation after all the time, effort and money you’ve put in to taking your practical driving test. However, at least you know that you’re smarter for failing…

The research, carried out by Privilege DriveXpert, suggests that there is a link between educational qualifications and professional position, and the number of times it takes a learner driver to pass a practical driving test.

According to the research, learner motorists with a post-graduate qualification or higher are most likely to need three or more attempts to pass the practical driving test. In contrast, learner drivers with no qualifications are more likely to pass a driving test at the first attempt.

Meanwhile, those who own their own business face up to four or more attempts to pass the practical exam compared to fewer attempts among those further down the professional ladder.

A-Level Artists Least Likely to Experience Driving Test Failure

The study found a particular trend showing that those specialising in the arts at A-Level or above take the fewest attempts to pass the practical test, averaging 1.9 attempts compared to 2.3 attempts among those specialising in science and maths.

Head of Privilege DriveXpert, Charlotte Fielding, said: “Passing the driving test first time isn’t the be-all and end-all of driving ability as many of the main skills we need to equip ourselves for our driving careers are learned over the years as our experience on the roads builds.”

Senior Lecturer in Psychology at De Montfort University, Dr Lee Hadlington, said: “Those who don’t have formal academic qualifications could be in roles that rely more heavily on procedural skills like motor control and hand-eye co-ordination, hence may be better suited to activities like passing a driving test.”

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