Wolverhampton Driving Test Routes 2019 Wolverhampton Driving Test Routes 2019
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Wolverhampton Driving Test Routes 2019

Want to know Wolverhampton driving test routes for 2019? A brand new app has been launched, containing data on every UK driving test route for 2019, including Wolverhampton. Get some driving practice in on the Wolverhampton test route today, ahead of your practical exam…

The New Driver Programme app is available to download on your mobile device, giving you access to official driving test routes used by Wolverhampton Driving Test Centre examiners.

Driving test routes are approved by the DVSA, with the Wolverhampton test route containing a mix of different driving scenarios, including:

* Dual carriageway driving

* Country lane driving

* Driving in built up and residential areas

* Driving on the ring road

Wolverhampton driving test routes among the most challenging in UK

Wolverhampton driving test routes are some of the most challenging in the country, with just 38 percent of practical driving test candidates passing an exam in the city between April and September, 2017. Across Britain, the average pass rate is 47 percent, with Wolverhampton’s success rate falling well short of the average.

The New Driver Programme is an app containing driving test routes for all centres from A-Z in the UK. However, you have to pay for every test route you want to access. UK driving test routes are subject to change every year, but most test centres will have 2 or 3 pre-planned routes, approved by the DVSA, to ensure that candidates are tested while driving on different types of roads, facing different scenarios.

The Wolverhampton driving test centre is based on Spring Road, Ettingshall. The New Driver Programme app contains data on several routes Wolverhampton driving test examiners could use to test candidates.

Between 2017 and 2018, 8,354 tests were taken at Wolverhampton driving test centre, with just 3,142 passing the exam. Meanwhile, in nearby Wednesbury, 7,683 tests were taken with only 2,844 passing.

Insider info on Wolverhampton driving test routes

The New Driver Programme app aims to give driving test candidates an opportunity to familiarise themselves with driving test routes, ahead of their exam, getting in some much needed practice. The app is available in most mobile app stores.

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