Why Take Your Driving Test in Wolverhampton?west midlands Why Take Your Driving Test in Wolverhampton?west midlands
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Driving Test in Wolverhampton

Why Take Your Driving Test in Wolverhampton?

Want to get your driving test over and done with, fast? Then take your driving test in Wolverhampton! Easily accessible from Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Stoke, Shrewsbury, Telford and more, Wolverhampton driving test centre currently has one of the shortest waiting times in the UK.

With a shortage of examiners, driving test centre closures and test cancellations, average waiting times for driving tests in the UK are on the rise. However, a recent analysis of the DVSA practical driving test booking system revealed a handful of test centres with much shorter waiting times than most. Wolverhampton is one of those driving test centres! If you book your driving test in Wolverhampton, you will only have to wait 3 weeks, compared to a potential 8 – 12 week wait at most other test centres.

In fact, you might not even have to wait 3 weeks to take your driving test in Wolverhampton because Book Theory Test Today checks the DVSA booking system on a daily basis to find you a cancellation that could get you an earlier test date!

Are there other test centres with shorter waiting times?

Yes, just down the road from Wolverhampton, Wednesbury Driving Test Centre has a 3-week waiting time, but again, this could be shorter still if you book your practical test via our website.

However, with just a 7-day waiting period for a driving test, Warrington is currently your best bet for booking a practical driving test.

What’s the pass rate like for the driving test in Wolverhampton?

Recent DVSA figures highlighted Wolverhampton as one of the hardest places in the UK to pass the driving test. Only 38 per cent of candidates earned their driving licence at the Wolverhampton test centre between April and September 2017, but don’t let that deter you from taking your driving test in Wolverhampton.

With a relatively short waiting time, taking a driving test in Wolverhampton is a good option if you want to get the exam over and done with. You never know, you might be one of the candidates who boosts the test centre’s pass rate.

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