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Learner driver driving test cancellations – Kettering

Following the recent driving examiners’ strike, we hear of a number of learner driver driving test cancellations up and down the country. Where were learners hit hardest?

We start in Kettering, where learner driver driving test cancellations left many candidates incredibly frustrated. One miffed father, Francis Loughran, even contacted the county’s regional newspaper, the Northamptonshire Telegraph, on behalf of his son to tell how his son’s test had been cancelled at the Kettering test centre on Orion Way.

Mr Loughran said: “My son arrived at Kettering driving test centre at 9am, 60 minutes before his scheduled 10am test. He [my son] was told that all the driving instructors were on strike and that he’d be unable to take his test. I found the whole situation farcical.”

Learner driver driving test cancellations countrywide

Learner driver driving test cancellations were not restricted to Kettering alone. According to the website of the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCSU), which represents nearly 1,600 DVSA staff, virtually no UK DVSA practical tests went ahead on the day of the strikes, which took place on November 19 and 20.

The PCSU said that most of the driving test centres across the UK were closed on Thursday 19 and Friday 20 of November as examiners staged a walk out alongside other vehicle and traffic safety personnel in a dispute over working hours.

In a statement published by the union on their website, they said: “The DVSA is proceeding with plans to extend the working hours of staff and increase the number of driving tests that examiners would be expected to oversee.”

The statement went on to say that changes to staff working hours could be in breach of current legislation for conducting a driving test in ‘good daylight’, citing that it would be impossible to carry out all driving tests in daylight hours during the winter months.

Were you affected by learner driver driving test cancellations?

If you were affected by the recent strikes, you’re advised to contact the DVSA through your booking provider or directly. If Book Theory Test Today made a practical driving test booking on your behalf, please get in touch.

However, you may hear from the DVSA first. They could contact you within five to 10 working days to reschedule your test if you were unable to take it due to the strike action.

Book Theory Test Today says: “You can claim out-of-pocket expenses if your test was cancelled. However, you must have turned up for your appointment. Details for making a claim can be found here.

DVSA disappointed by strike action

Interim chief executive of the DVSA, Paul Satoor, was apologetic for the number of learner driver driving test cancellations. He said: “We are sorry for the inconvenience this situation has caused. We’re doing everything we can to minimise any disruption to customers.”

However, he pointed the finger squarely at staff and the trade unions for the situation, saying: “Staff had agreed to a new standard employment contract in April [2014] in exchange for a lump-sum payment, plus a three-year pay deal. This was agreed with the trade union, and was inclusive of transitional payments that ended on 1 November 2015.”

“It’s disappointing that the trade unions have now decided to oppose certain aspects of the contract,” Mr Satoor added.

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