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What to expect when booking a theory test in Ireland – Part 3

In part two, we covered taking a theory test in Ireland for cars, motorbikes, HGVs and buses. In part three, we look at the practicalities of booking a theory test in Ireland.

What are the provisions for candidates with reading or language difficulties when booking a theory test in Ireland?

Unlike the UK, where foreign translation was banned from the driving theory test, when booking a theory test in Ireland provisions are made for non-English or non-Irish speaking candidates.

There are a number of voiceover options that will read the questions out and the possible answers. For the category B (car) test, the voiceover option is available in Lithuanian, Polish and Russian.

For those with reading difficulties, when booking a theory test in Ireland you can request the voiceover over option too. Additionally, those with language and reading difficulties can request extra time to complete the theory test.

If the voiceover option does not suit your needs, you can request the ‘read record service.’ This option means a staff member will sit with you for the duration of your theory test and will read the questions, plus the possible answers, to you and record them on the computer on your behalf.

In some theory test centres, there are translator supported tests available. The translation service must be booked by special arrangement and is available to candidates who do not understand English or Irish.

If you want to…

  • Apply for additional time
  • Request a translator supported test
  • Use the ‘read record service’

…when booking a theory test in Ireland, you need to make your theory test application by post. Additionally, you will be required to provide evidence – on official headed paper – from a teacher, doctor or other professional person confirming that you require assistance on your theory test.

Irish theory test questions

Questions asked on the Irish theory test will be based on the rules of the road and current traffic legislation. Similar to the UK, Ireland’s Driver Theory Testing Service has a ‘catalogue’ of questions. For each driving theory test, a random set of questions is chosen from the catalogue. The test undergoes regular updates to keep up with new and revised rules.

How to prepare for the Irish theory test

Resources for preparing for the Irish theory test include a full list of questions and answers for buses, cars, HGVs and motorbikes, which are available in CD or book format. They’re also accessible on line. CD-ROMs feature practice exams, where you can get a sense of what to expect and how the theory test works.

However, resources are not free and the best way to order them is through the Driver Theory Testing Service.

That concludes part three of our series ‘what to expect when booking a theory test in Ireland.’ Watch out for part four, coming soon.

Get help booking a theory test in Ireland

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