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3 Factors Affecting Driving Test ‘Failures’ & Cancellations

Book Theory Test Today blogs on the top three factors resulting in driving test ‘failures’ or cancellations.

The Book Theory Test Today blogger is constantly reading forums used by young learner drivers describing their theory test and practical driving exam experiences. Before long, a theme developed relating to the practical driving exam, with theory test and driving exam candidates venting their frustrations about why they had ‘failed’ or had their practical driving exam cancelled.

Here are the top three factors uncovered by the Book Theory Test Today blogger:

1.  The weather… Top of the list of course was the weather. Not only does the weather cause anarchy for the driving test schedule, it can also result in the closure of theory test centres across the country, depending on the severity of the weather conditions.

Heavy snow, icy conditions and strong winds were just some of the weather conditions quoted across a number of forums that resulted in the cancellation of practical driving exams.

So, if you’re about to take your practical driving exam it’s certainly worth checking the weather forecast for the day of your test. When test day arrives and the weather looks bad, Book Theory Test Today advises that you call the test centre carrying out your exam to check if it’s likely to proceed.

2.  Lack of staff… It seems impossible, but many theory test and driving test candidates have been known to arrive at test centres only to discover that there is no theory test moderator or practical driving exam invigilator to assess them.

Illness or ‘no show’ staff were two of the most common reasons cited for lack of staff across a number of test centres throughout the UK. Many candidates can accept that a driving examiner or theory test moderator is ill, but would expect a replacement to be found in order to honour the test date, especially when you consider the money that is spent.

Furthermore, the organisation required to find a suitable day on which to take the test is all unravelled when a theory test or practical driving exam is cancelled. On the day of your test, Book Theory Test Today advises a quick phone call to your test centre to ensure that everything is going ahead as planned.

3.  Potholes – Potholes are the scourge of the learner motorist and fully licenced driver alike. However, for the learner driver potholes have been known to cause damage to vehicles whilst out on their driving test. This results in the test being stopped and ultimately the test candidate has theoretically failed the driving exam.

In a recent news article, published in the Daily Mail, it’s estimated that the cost to fix potholes on the nation’s roads will exceed £12 billion. If such money needs to be spent, it certainly emphasises that there is indeed a massive problem with road maintenance in Britain.

In some cases, extreme weather conditions have resulted in the appearance of an abnormal number of potholes across the country in recent years. Winter in particular has had a devastating effect on the UK’s roads.

So, learner motorists beware. Sometimes it’s not you that’s responsible for the failure or cancellation of your theory test or practical driving exam. Some things are just beyond your control.

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