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Book Theory Test Today investigates why heading to remote parts of Scotland and Wales yields a better chance of passing your practical driving test.

New statistics published by the DVSA reveal that taking your driving theory test or practical exam in rural parts of Scotland and Wales leads to higher chance of success. Figures revealed that candidates in such locations are less stressed about taking their theory test and twice as likely to succeed in getting a full licence because they learn more from country roads than driving in urban locales.

Book Theory Test Today says: “A deeper analysis of the statistics reveals that candidates in the Scottish Highlands and Islands off the mainland are most likely of all to pass a theory exam and practical driving test at the first attempt.”

Practical Driving Test & Theory Exam Results

In terms of the practical exam, Book Theory Test Today can reveal that the highest pass rate was in Campbeltown, Argyll, but this excludes smaller test centres such as South Uist where just five candidates have taken the test this year so far with no failures.

Of the 120 test candidates so far at the Campbeltown test centre, 87 successfully completed the exam, representing a 72.5 per cent pass rate. In the overall driving theory test and practical exam league tables, 5 locations in rural Scotland featured in the top 20, with rural parts of Wales having four locations featured.

However Kendal in Cumbria also proved to be a theory test and practical exam hotspot for success. For the practical element there has been a 68.7 per cent pass rate so far this year, out of 2,093 candidates. Grantham in Lincolnshire also finished in a respectable 13th place, with 63 per cent of 3,200 candidates passing the practical driving test.

Yet, for urban test centres the outcome of tests is much bleaker, particularly in London and locations across West Yorkshire. Heaton in Bradford has recorded just a 31.6 per cent pass rate this year, so far. In the bottom ten of the league table, six of the test centres are located around the Greater London area in Wanstead, Belvedere, Wood Green, Barking, Brent Wood and Barnet.

To explain the disparity across the locations, director of policy and research at the Institute of Advanced Motorists, Neil Greig, said: “In rural areas, the need to pass a practical driving test is paramount. Candidates are going to make sure they are well prepared. They revise thoroughly for the theory test and get as many lessons as possible to ensure they’re ready.”

He added: “There may be fewer hazards such as roundabouts in some rural areas, but there are other risks, such as sheep.”

However, an AA spokesperson stated that: “There’s no long-term benefit in only being able to drive on a certain type of road, so we would not recommend learners try to book a theory test or practical exam in remote areas on the off-chance they may find it easier to pass there.”

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