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Graduated driver licensing in Scotland says Scottish MSP

Calls for a graduated driver licensing scheme just won’t go away. Now, a Scottish MSP is calling for restrictions to be imposed on young drivers.

Book Theory Test Today says: “There have been rumblings about graduated driver licensing for months now and it seems inevitable that such schemes will come into force. It would appear that a Scottish MSP has now jumped on the bandwagon, calling for graduated driver licensing in Scotland.”

Who’s calling for graduated driver licensing in Scotland?

Given the success of recent drink-drive reforms, Scotland now wants to tackle speeding motorists and young drivers to boost road safety. David Stewart, a Scottish MSP, believes that the introduction of graduated driver licensing in Scotland would reduce the death toll by 22, and save the country £80 million, per year.

No graduated driver licensing scheme has yet been introduced in the UK, but Stewart wants Scotland to pioneer a three-part pilot scheme. He wants to see learner drivers aged 17-18, who have recently passed the DVSA practical test, made to display ‘P’ plates for their first 12 months on the road.

Other restrictions 

Stewart wants to see young motorists prohibited from transporting passengers under the age of 25, unless there is a qualified driver aged 25 years or over present in the vehicle. He would also adopt a ‘near-zero-tolerance drink-drive limit.’

Making his case for graduated driver licensing in Scotland, Stewart said: “Graduated licence schemes have been implemented across many nations globally and they are proven and evidenced to reduce fatalities amongst young and novice drivers.”

What else is happening in Scotland?

As well as calls for graduated driver licensing in Scotland, the country is expected to implement a pilot ‘Formal Adult Warnings’ scheme this September [2015]. The scheme will give police the power to issue warnings and education at the roadside, without the need to prosecute speeders exceeding speed limits by just a couple of miles per hour.

Compared with England and Wales, Scotland does not have a speed awareness course available as an alternative to a fine or points.

Scotland’s head of road policing, chief superintendent Iain Murray, said: “We are talking about people who might abide by the law in every other aspect yet fail to realise the risk they pose by driving on autopilot or failing to pay enough attention to what’s going on around them.”

What are your thoughts about graduated driver licensing in the UK? Leave Book Theory Test Today your comments.

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