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UK Driving Theory Test Should Include Questions About Horses

No, we’re not horsing around… In one of the more bizarre motoring stories of the week, safety campaigners have insisted that learner drivers should be forced to prove that they ‘respect’ horses on the road before being handed a full UK driving licence. Here’s why the UK driving theory test could change as result…

Following a string of accidents on Scottish roads involving motorists and horses, safety campaigners have demanded that drivers be forced to prove that they ‘respect’ stallions before getting a licence. If campaigners get their way, learner drivers can expect questions about horses to pop up on the UK driving theory test and during the practical exam.

Safety champions allege that motorists fail to drop their speed or pass ponies with a wide berth, resulting in collisions. Eileen Reid, an ambulance worker who runs a Facebook campaign called ‘Slow Down For My Horse Campaign, Scotland’ is fighting to have new measures put in place.

Knowing how to pass a horse should be part of UK driving theory test

She said: “I want it highlighted in the driving test that people should have a knowledge of passing horses — or indeed any animals — wide and slow. At the very least, it should be in the UK driving theory test.

If a horse or pony lands on your car bonnet, it could kill you. In fact, you could end up with a double fatality — driver and rider — and a dead horse too.”

The campaigner stated that slowing down only takes 30 seconds off your day and it could save lives. She recounted one story captured on her headcam, which shows footage of a car blazing past her stationary steed, Sam, while riding him through the Bridge of Earn, Perthshire.

The incident left the 50-year-old severely shaken. She was wearing hi-viz clothing at the time, but stated that the vehicle emerged from nowhere, passing me and Sam just 2 feet from my leg. She said: “Sam is bombproof but it gave him a real shock, which is unusual, and I got a hell of a fright.”

Changes to UK driving test

Calls urging a shake-up of the UK driving theory test and practical exam to protect equestrians comes weeks after it was announced that the driving test will change in December 2017. Manoeuvres such as the ‘reverse around a corner’ are being ousted in favour of manoeuvring into a parking bay.

Commenting on the addition of questions to the UK driving theory test and practical exam about horses, a Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency spokesperson said: “Any changes to the driving test would be for a future Government to consider.”

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