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Feb 19

East Midlands Theory Test | Which Theory Test Centre is Closest to You?

There are approximately 10 theory test centres in and around the East Midlands. If you’re looking to book an East Midlands theory test, you can find your nearest theory test centre in the region using the Book Theory Test Today website. Narrow down your theory test centre search and book your appointment, today. East Midlands […]

Dec 18

Christmas and 2019 theory test bookings

Over the Christmas and New Year period, opening times vary for each theory test centre. Booking or cancelling theory tests is also affected by Christmas and New Year opening times. Our guide to Christmas and 2019 theory test bookings makes planning your theory test appointment a little easier… Christmas and 2019 theory test bookings, plus […]

Nov 18

Talk of Virtual Reality Theory Test Gathers Momentum

A virtual reality theory test could be introduced as part of learner driver training to help young motorists develop their hazard perception skills. Learner drivers potentially face having to wear headsets or sitting in driving simulators to improve their road skills before earning a driving licence. Here’s what we know… The virtual reality theory test […]

Oct 18

How to Use the Book Theory Test Today Website

We’re often asked what the difference is between the Book Theory Test Today website and the government website service for booking a theory test and practical exam. This quick-fire guide explains the differences and how to get the most out of the Book Theory Test Today website. The government website describes itself as the so-called, […]

Sep 18

Trowbridge Driving Test Centre Frustration for Residents

Learner driver in Trowbridge, Wiltshire? We’ve got word that driving test waiting times won’t be eased anytime soon L. A recent meeting between town councillors, driving instructors and DVSA officials reached boiling point as talks over a permanent Trowbridge Driving Test Centre hit an impasse. Here’s the latest! Shorter driving test waiting times for learner […]

Aug 18

Are You Allowed to Learn to Drive Before Booking a Theory Test?

What you CAN do before booking a theory test online You can start having driving lessons before booking a theory test online, provided you have your valid provisional driving licence. There’s no requirement for you to make a theory test booking before hiring a driving instructor. In fact, lessons will help you understand driving theory, […]

Aug 18

Theory Test Minimum Age Limits Explained

Did you know? There are different theory test minimum age limits depending on the vehicle you want to operate. If you want to take a theory test for a car, the minimum age limit is different to the age restrictions for a moped. Here’s why age restrictions apply to theory tests… Moped Theory Test Minimum […]

Jun 17

UK Driving Theory Test Doesn’t Prepare Country’s Learners for Motorway Life

The UK driving theory test and practical exam have been in the headlines recently following the announcement of a ‘makeover’. However, many of Britain’s learner drivers don’t think the theory test or practical exam do enough to prepare them, especially for motorway driving. Let’s find out why…

May 17

UK Driving Theory Test Should Include Questions About Horses

No, we’re not horsing around… In one of the more bizarre motoring stories of the week, safety campaigners have insisted that learner drivers should be forced to prove that they ‘respect’ horses on the road before being handed a full UK driving licence. Here’s why the UK driving theory test could change as result…

May 17

Andover Driving Theory Test Centre to Open Full Time

Do you live in the Hampshire town of Andover? Are you a learner driver looking to take your theory test? Andover driving theory test centre looks set to be converted into a full-time facility, which is great news for local learner drivers.  


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