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Are You Allowed to Learn to Drive Before Booking a Theory Test?

What you CAN do before booking a theory test online

You can start having driving lessons before booking a theory test online, provided you have your valid provisional driving licence. There’s no requirement for you to make a theory test booking before hiring a driving instructor.

In fact, lessons will help you understand driving theory, so when you feel ready – and on your driving instructor’s advice – you can be confident that it’s the right time for you to make an online theory test booking.

You can book a theory test online on your 17th birthday. Why 17? That’s the earliest date your provisional driving licence will become valid. While you can apply for your provisional licence up to three months prior to your 17th birthday, you’re not allowed to book a DVSA theory test until the day you turn 17.

For a moped, booking a theory test online can be done when you’re 16, provided you have a valid provisional licence.

You can study driving theory before your online theory test booking. There’s no rule that says you can only study once you have applied to take the exam, so get a head start and read the Highway Code.

You can make an online theory test booking at a test centre anywhere in Great Britain or Northern Ireland, provided you have a valid provisional driving licence. You’re not restricted to the area that you live. If waiting times for a theory test in your area don’t suit your schedule, you can take one in the next town or city.

What you CAN’T do before booking a theory test online

For ANY vehicle category, you can’t book a driving theory test without a valid provisional driving licence for the category in which you want to take the theory exam.

You can’t make a theory test booking for a car and take a motorcycle theory test. If you want to ride a motorcycle you must book a motorcycle theory test as the test questions for riding a motorcycle are different to the test questions for a car.

You cannot book a DVSA practical test before making an online theory test booking. You must book and then pass a driving theory test in order to take your practical driving exam. You will need to provide your theory test pass certificate number. No theory test certificate, no practical driving test booking.

However, when it comes to driving lessons, you don’t have to have a theory test date set as it adds pressure to be ready by a set date, and because everyone learns at a different pace, it’s just not practical to force learners to book a theory test before they’re ready. Take your time and when you’re ready, you’ll know.

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