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Driving test cancelled? Apply for a refund of out-of-pocket expenses

Following on from our blog last week about the driving examiners’ strike, if you had a driving test cancelled as a result of the walk out, you can claim an out-of-pocket expenses. Here’s how…

Claiming expenses if you had a driving test cancelled  

Firstly, let’s clarify when you can make a claim. It’s possible to claim out-of-pocket expenses should the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) cancel your driving theory test or practical exam at short notice. ‘Short notice’ is deemed to be less than three clear working days, while Sundays and public holidays do not qualify as working days.

If you had a driving test cancelled on the 19 or 20 November 2015 after turning up for your test, you’re eligible to make a claim. However, we must stress that you must have shown up for the test on the day.

If you qualify to make a claim, Book Theory Test Today recommends that you get it done within 6 months following the date that you had your driving test cancelled, otherwise the DVSA may refuse to pay out.

While we’re on the subject of claiming expenses if you had a driving test cancelled, here are some instances where you can’t claim:

  • bad weather and poor light
  • driver problems. For example, you were ill
  • problems with your vehicle

What can I claim for?

If you had a test cancelled at short notice, whether that was your theory test or DVSA practical test, you can claim for loss of any standard pay or earnings lost as a result of having to take unpaid leave. This is typically half a day on the day of the driving exam, after tax and National Insurance, but excludes overtime or commission payments.  

Claiming for a theory test cancellation

If you had made an online theory test booking, in addition to claiming for loss of earnings etc… you can also claim for the cost of your journey to and from the test centre.

Claiming for a DVSA practical test

If you were taking your practical test, in addition to claiming for loss of earnings etc… you can claim for either:

  • the cost of hiring a vehicle for your practical exam if you didn’t use your own
  • a set rate per mile if you did use your own vehicle to get to and from the test centre – this will be based on a reasonable distance travelled (except in the case of any HGV or bus exams not taken at a DVSA site)

Typically, costs are based on your instructor’s or trainer’s standard hourly lesson rate as opposed to any flat rate fee that your instructor or trainer charges for using a vehicle on the day of the test.

What you can’t claim for

You’re unable to claim for:

  • any training courses that you may have arranged prior to a particular test appointment
  • cost of driving lessons
  • extra lessons taken while waiting for a rearranged test date

How to make a claim

For all the relevant information, and to make a claim, click here.

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