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What Irritates Learner Drivers About Drivers?

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 22.13.00Learner drivers are irritating. Learner drivers are too slow. Learner drivers should learn somewhere else. Sound familiar? So called ‘experienced’ drivers give learner drivers a pretty brutal bashing. So, it’s about time the voice of the learner was heard. Book Theory Test Today investigates what irritates learners about licence holding road users.

With so many drivers in a rush nowadays, patience is not a quality that many road users possess. So, is it really any wonder that experienced motorists have compiled a list of road users that irritate them most? Alongside the elderly, taxi drivers and white van drivers, learner drivers hold a notorious place on the irritating drivers’ hit list.

While so many experienced drivers have complaints about other road users, they are no saints themselves. Now it’s the turn of the learner to air their gripes.

There’s a generation of road users without the right road knowledge 

What irritates learners most about experienced road users is that their knowledge of roads is outdated. There’s a generation of motorists on the road that have never had to suffer the theory test or hazard perception test. Recent surveys show that if any of those motorists, without a theory test certificate, had to take a theory exam they would fail.

Roads have changed a lot since many drivers learnt to drive. Nowadays, the majority of ‘experienced’ drivers have difficulty deciphering a road sign, because they don’t have the necessary knowledge from theory test preparation, which the modern learner has.

‘Experienced’ drivers quickly forget

Behind all the complaining, horn honking and offensive hand gestures aimed at learners, experienced motorists forget that they were once learner drivers too. There’s no doubt that they would have been on the end of some unruly road user, they should remember how it made them feel.

Learner drivers of the 21st century have much more to deal with than motorists of days gone by. The arrival of the theory test and the hazard perception test changed the way motorists are tested. Plus, there are many more cars on Britain’s roads than ever before.

Dangerous driving

Book Theory Test Today says: “A recent survey, which gathered the views of learner drivers about the state of British motoring, reveals that learner motorists view experienced drivers as hypocrites. A proportion of fully fledged road users suggest that slow driving, hesitancy & poor road positioning make learners dangerous.”

The Book Theory Test Today blogger says: “The response to learner drivers being dangerous was amazing. Survey participants said ‘If hesitancy, slow driving and poor road positioning are dangerous then using mobile phones at the wheel, overtaking learners on urban streets, speeding & drink-driving must be the model for safe driving, right?’”

These are just some of the gripes that learner drivers have with experienced motorists. Are you a learner driver? What irritates you about full licence holders? Leave your comments.

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