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For the New Year | Theory Test to Become ‘More Realistic’

Change is afoot as the DVSA looks to make the hazard perception part of the theory test ‘more realistic’. Here at Book Theory Test Today we were intrigued. What’s changing?

Well, it hasn’t taken the DVSA long to change something on the theory test as we enter 2015. It’s emerged that the hazard perception part of the exam is to be ‘updated’ using Computer Generated Imagery (CGI).

The update will apparently help to ensure that a theory test candidate’s risk awareness ability is tested using modern driving environments that are more in keeping with actual driving scenarios.

At present, a series of filmed video clips are used to assess a candidate’s ability to react promptly to developing hazards on the highway. The scenarios featured in the clips are still highly relevant; however, the quality of the clips being shown is not of the standard that can now be produced by current technology.

So, look out for the new clips during the early part of this year and if you come across them while taking your theory test, let us know what you think.

The first array of new clips will feature the exact same situations shown by the filmed clips. However, the images will be clearer and more defined on the screen and will include more modern vehicles, roads and infrastructure to better reflect modern driving.

Why CGI?

The use of CGI will means that the theory test can incorporate a wider range of potential hazards. For instance, scenarios featuring vulnerable road users like cyclists and children. CGI clips will also feature a variety of driving conditions including:

  • Night time driving
  • Adverse weather conditions

In a statement from DVSA Chief Executive, Paul Duffy, he said: “The theory test plays a vital role in making sure that new drivers know the Highway Code and the rules of the road. Research has shown how effective the hazard perception test is in reducing the number of collisions involving newly qualified drivers.”

He added: “Using CGI clips in the hazard perception test will allow more realistic and up to date situations to be presented, reflecting the realities of modern day driving.”

The DVSA was also quick to add that the hazard perception test will not be altered in terms of how it works and the pass mark will remain the same.


Prior to being introduced, the CGI clips were trialled on a group of learner motorists to ensure that they could be used without any problems. The trial, which took place at the University of Nottingham’s Accident Research Unit, proved to be successful and actually helped those being tested to identify hazards much more quickly.

Learning Resources

With the changes taking place, concerns have been raised about theory test learning resources. Will they still be relevant? The DVSA ensures candidates that you don’t need to have practice with CGI clips in order to take and pass the test.

Are CGI clips a good idea? Leave your comments.

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