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Jan 15

Revealed – Wolverhampton Driving Test Routes – Part One

Since the DVSA [then known as the DSA] stopped publishing driving test routes for Wolverhampton in 2010, learner motorists have been unable to familiarise themselves with potential test routes. It has taken us a while to compile these, but Book Theory Test Today can reveal what we believe to be the most current routes. Here […]

Jan 15

How Long Does It Take To Learn To Drive?

Surprisingly, this is a commonly asked question and even more surprisingly, experts have managed to come up with a formula to calculate the average time it ‘should’ take a learner driver to get a full licence. It was certainly interesting enough to get the attention of Book Theory Test Today.

Dec 14

Have You Ever Wondered Why We Drive on the Left in Britain?

Book Theory Test Today offers an insight into why British drivers drive on the left…

Dec 14

Talks Begin to Implement Restricted Driving Licences for Young Drivers

Back in July, Book Theory Test Today published this blog. It would appear that the day of reckoning has now arrived as talks open about introducing restricted licences for young drivers. Book Theory Test Today looks at the implications.   

Dec 14

Oh No! Churchill Car Insurance Uncovers Shocking Truth about Britain’s Drivers

Churchill has landed British drivers in the dog house with a new survey revealing that two-thirds of experienced UK motorists would fail the theory test if they took it again today. Book Theory Test Today investigates.

Dec 14

Driving Instructors in Northern Ireland want MOT for Drivers every 10 years

An interesting idea put forward by driving instructors in Northern Ireland. Book Theory Test Today investigates.

Nov 14

Attention New Drivers! Are You Insured?

Every year over 10,000 drivers are banned within months of getting their driving licence. Half of those banned are caught driving without insurance. Book Theory Test Today investigates.

Nov 14

Book Theory Test Today: Cost of Learning to Drive Exceeds £1,000

Book Theory Test Today blogger analyses the current cost of learning to drive. Learner driver? New Government data reveals that learner motorists are now paying more than ever to achieve driving independence. The Book Theory Test Today blogger says: “On average, learner motorists require 47 hours prior to passing the practical driving test which, at […]

Nov 14

Paper Driving Licence to be Phased Out

Book Theory Test Today blogger examines the end of another era…

Nov 14

Driving Test under Threat as DVSA Staff Quit

Book Theory Test Today blogger investigates what commentators have called the driving test ‘time bomb’.


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