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Great new initiative to fund driving lessons in Wiltshire

Happy New Year, folks! If 2018 is your year to start learning to drive, we came across this fantastic new initiative that could help you fund your driving lessons, but only if you live in Wiltshire… sorry. Check it out, it could cut the cost of your driving tuition!

Crowdfunding has become a craze, and one driving school has decided to capitalise on the trend by offering crowd-funded driving lessons in Wiltshire. Working in partnership with Fundrazr – a Canadian fundraising site, miDrive – the UK’s largest learner driver community, is attempting to make driving lessons more affordable for Wiltshire’s young learner drivers.

The driving education platform is actively encouraging its learner driver clientele, with a limited disposable income, to reach out to friends and family to fund driving lessons. In exchange for a contribution, miDrive recommends that teens pay their relatives and friends back by offering to do household chores or give lifts once they get their licence.

Why crowd-funded driving lessons are great idea

The number of teens learning to drive in 2017 plummeted, with cost being the key factor. Crowdfunding is a great way to get friends and family to help learners get on the road by making lots of little monetary contributions to cover the cost of lessons, which get more and more expensive every year.

The crowdfunding craze has proven to be incredibly valuable and versatile, making things happen, from helping to launch start-up businesses, fund charitable causes and theatre productions, to covering the cost of personal projects and even band tours!

With more than 1,500 driving instructors across the UK listed on the miDrive platform, it is able to connect learner drivers with a driving instructor suited to their needs.

miDrive said: “We are the first and only driving education platform to offer crowd-funded lessons in Wiltshire. We’re making it easy for learner drivers to access a high-quality service, whilst simultaneously removing the cost obstacle.”

“miDrive brings learning to drive into the 21st century with an innovative approach to an industry, which for far too long has been behind the times,” miDrive added.

Will crowd-funded driving lessons be a thing of the future?

Chances are, crowded-funded driving lessons will become a thing of the future across the UK. Whether they’re a success or not remains to be seen. However, with the cost of learning to drive constantly increasing, crowd-funded campaigns could give Britain’s motoring wannabes a much needed lifeline to pay for lessons.

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