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Taking Your Theory Test? Do You Know Your Pedestrian Crossings? Part Two

In part one; we helped you to navigate Zebra, Pegasus and Pelican Crossings. In part two, Book Theory Test Today will guide you through School, Toucan and Puffin Crossings. See you on the other side.

It’s a certainty that a question about one of the pedestrian crossing types will occur on your theory test. Hence the reason that Book Theory Test Today is covering them so comprehensively.

Here are the remaining three crossings you need to familiarise yourself with.

The Puffin Crossing

The Puffin Crossing was introduced to British roads in the 1990’s and is regarded as the most technically advanced crossing for pedestrians. The Puffin Crossing can detect the presence of a pedestrian, not only on the walkway, but on the road.

Although similar to the Pelican Crossing, the Puffin Crossing is unique because of its sensory capabilities. The Pelican Crossing operates on a timing system, which can reduce traffic flow.

The Puffin Crossing, however, if no pedestrians are present, switches back to normal status. This reduces any unnecessary waiting times for drivers.

Puffin Crossing top tip for your theory test: The lights on a Puffin Crossing have no amber flashing phase. They change like normal lights.

The Toucan Crossing

With a wordplay twist, the Toucan Crossing literally means two-can-cross. This type of crossing permits both pedestrians and cyclists to cross the road safely at the same time.

The Toucan Crossing is wider than other forms of crossing, allowing them to accommodate both pedestrians and cyclists. This type of crossing is commonly found on busy roads or in town and city centres, where there are a high proportion of pedestrians and cyclists.

The crossing will either feature a timed or sensory system.

Toucan Crossing top tip for your theory test: Remember this crossing as the ‘two-can-cross’ crossing, which will help you learn that both cyclists and pedestrians can use it at the same time..

The School Crossing

Found on roadways close to schools, the School Crossing is often manned by a lollipop person who steps into the middle of a road with a stop sign, bringing traffic to a halt. This then allows parents and children to cross the road safely.

This form of crossing has raised massive safety concerns in recent years, with the number of lollipop people struck by vehicles, on the increase.

School Crossings are often identified by a triangular sign with a red trim with a picture depicting children crossing.

School Crossing top tip for your theory test: Can a School Crossing feature lights? Yes it can. On some School Crossings there may be flashing amber lights that alert drivers to children crossing.

That’s it! Six crossings covered. Did you make it to the other side? Tune into the Book Theory Test Today blog every week for top tips and news.

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