Learning to Drive With a Parent? Which Will You Choose? Learning to Drive With a Parent? Which Will You Choose?
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Learning to Drive With a Parent? Who Will You Choose Mum or Dad?

The recent release of a survey, concerning motorists who are learning to drive with their parents, has become a bit of a sensation. Book Theory Test Today asks you the ultimate question… Mum or dad to teach you to drive?

Congratulations mums of learner motorists, you have been crowned preferred option for driving tuition. Commiserations dads, but Book Theory Test Today does have a few pointers for you to improve your chances of being picked, so stay tuned.

The survey, carried out by independent motoring group RACQ, reveals that 54% of learner drivers would prefer help from mum with theory test and driving lesson tuition, if a professional driving instructor was not an option.

Take note dads – why do learners prefer mum? – Apparently, the decisive factor is patience.

An RACQ spokeswoman said: “Patience is the key to being a good supervisor. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a mum or dad, being a supervisor requires patience, a level head and clear understanding of the road rules.”

Talking of road rules, check your mum or dad are ‘up to speed’ with them. After all, the theory test probably wasn’t around in their day and roads have evolved so much since they were learner drivers.

In particular, ask whichever parent you choose to brush up on roundabouts and give-way rules. Why? Because the RACQ revealed that you learners get perplexed by right of way rules on roundabouts and have trouble deciding whether to indicate at a give way point.

Hand your mum or dad the Highway Code, and a few theory test resources, to help them brush up on their knowledge. It’s only right that they’re safe drivers if they’re going to be teaching you, right? Book Theory Test Today has your best interests at heart.

Learning to Drive – Pointers for Dads

Pssst, if your dad is there with you, hand him your iPad, phone or laptop now. If he ever wants to be in with a chance of teaching you to drive, and restoring his pride after losing out to a lady, he needs to see this, we did promise to offer a few pointers.

Hey dad!

Well, you used to be in the driving seat for teaching your son or daughter to drive, what happened?

Is it possible that you started to pass on some bad habits? Tip: Familiarise yourself with the road rules, remove yourself from your day-to-day driving and think like an instructor.

Are you stressing and yelling when things go wrong? Tip: Be patient, remain calm. If you can master these you’re in. Above all else, your son or daughter needs support; it will ease their anxiety, allowing you to teach with humility rather than hostility.

Make yourself available. Tip: If you want to teach your child to drive, make an effort and show that you’re available.

Start at the beginning. Tip: Don’t overwhelm them on the first lesson, stick to the basics and build their confidence.

There you have it dads, a few simple tips to improve your tuition appeal. Go and put them into practice and win back that crown from mum.

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