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Driving Tips: How to Fuel Your Car

There are some driving tips that the theory test and practical exam just don’t teach you as you prepare for life on the road. One of these is how to fuel your vehicle. It’s really simple if you know how, but if you don’t here’s a ‘how to’ guide.

When it comes to driving tips, some new motorists are embarrassed to ask about things like changing a tyre or changing a headlight bulb, but if you don’t know don’t be embarrassed to ask. For one brief moment of embarrassment, you will have acquired a skill that will last you for the rest of your motoring life.

Recently, Book Theory Test Today was asked, ‘how do I fuel my car?’

As we like to offer solutions to even the most basic of questions, our latest ‘driving tips’ blog is a five step guide to fuelling your vehicle.

Driving tips | 5 steps to fuel your vehicle

  1. Pull up at the side of a petrol pump, preferably with your fuel cap side closest to the pump. However, if you’re fuel cap is on the wrong side, it’s ok, the majority of petrol hoses will stretch in order for you to refuel as normal.
  1. Switch off your vehicle’s ignition and proceed to removing your fuel cap. Your cap may be key operated or a simple twist and lock mechanism.
  1. Select your required fuel. If you need petrol, the pump will usually be coloured green and signed ‘unleaded’. If it’s diesel you need, the pump colour will normally be black and labelled ‘diesel’. It’s also worth noting that several other ‘high performance fuels’ might be available, but these are costly and don’t really improve the performance of your vehicle in any way.
  1. Lift the pump handle and insert the nozzle in the hole beneath your fuel cap. Wait for the pump to initiate, this usually happens automatically. However, a number of fuelling stations now give you the option to ‘pay at the pump’. You will need to select either ‘pay at counter’ or ‘pay at pump’ before the fuel starts to flow.

If you decide to pay at the pump, follow the onscreen instructions on the pump’s display.

When fuelling, if the pump keeps cutting out this indicates that there’s air in your tank. Remove the nozzle and reinsert until the fuel flows continuously.

Keep the nozzle inserted until you reach the amount required. Keep an eye on the payment display to make sure you don’t exceed the amount you intend to spend. If you’re filling up the tank the pump will cut out automatically, indicating that your tank has reached its fuel limit.

  1. If you’re paying at the counter, look above you and make a mental note of the pump number. Proceed to the payment kiosk and pay for your fuel. Job done.

Driving tips: Refuelling safety information to remember  

Always switch off your vehicle’s engine.

Never use your mobile phone in or within the vicinity of a fuelling station.

Always inform a petrol station attendant of spillages or accidents.

Always lock your car if proceeding to pay at the kiosk.

Tune into the Book Theory Test Today blog every week for regular driving tips.

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