UK’s Worst Learner Driver Blacklisted by Driving Schools UK’s Worst Learner Driver Blacklisted by Driving Schools
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UK’s Worst Learner Driver Blacklisted by Local Driving Schools

After 250 lessons, totalling £5,000 over 14 years, the UK’s worst learner driver has been banned from learning by her local driving schools. Book Theory Test Today examines the story of one woman’s driving dilemma.

It’s been a long road, pardon the pun, for 31 year-old Janine Mars. She has spent a whopping £5,000 in a futile attempt to pass her DVSA practical driving test.  However, after 14 years of lessons her driving is still not up to standard and she has now been dubbed the ‘UK’s worst learner driver.’

Jinxed Janine – The story of the UK’s worst learner driver

The average learner motorist racks up about 35 miles per one hour lesson. In Janine’s case her total driving time is the equivalent of a journey from London to Perth, Australia. However, she’s still unable to successfully pull away from a junction, often stalling the car.

Her label as the UK’s worst learner driver has spread, because she’s now unable to find an instructor to take her on, with all of her local driving schools banning her.

Speaking on her ‘situation’, Janine said: “After a few years I stopped counting how much I’d spent. It’s definitely more than £5,000 now, which is crazy. I could have bought a brand new car for that! I can’t give up now though, I’ve invested too much to stop.”

Janine began driving as soon as she was of legal age. She got rid of her first driving instructor after just 15 lessons as the relationship between them deteriorated.

With her second instructor, she had over 100 lessons before being told she wouldn’t be put forward for her driving test.

With work commitments in the way, Janine took a break not returning to the driving seat until 2012. Having quickly dismissed a third tutor, she began sitting double lessons with her fourth instructor. However, this didn’t work out either and by August 2014 Janine was on her fifth teacher, but has still failed to pass the driving test.

Theory test re-takes 

With the theory test certificate expiring every two years, the cost of motoring for Janine has not just been confined to driving lessons and practical exams, she has had to retake her theory test seven times.

New Year’s Resolution

Janine said: “Every year since 2001, passing my driving test has been my New Year’s resolution. I took a break after my last test in October, but I want to do an intensive week course. I reckon that’s the only way I can pass now. The last time I tried to get an instructor in Kent nobody would take me because they know how bad I am.”

She added: “It’s as if I’ve been blacklisted. I don’t blame them though!”

Despite her driving misgivings, the UK’s worst learner driver has never had a motoring accident, despite failing her driving test four times. She says her poor motoring skills are very much down to a complete lack of confidence.

Janine’s determination to pass her test, and rid herself of the UK’s worst learner driver label, stems from her frustration with having to organise her life around public transport timetables.

She said: “I’m fed up of planning my life around train and bus timetables, too. It takes almost twice as long as driving. My mum has promised to go halves on a new car once I pass so that’s even more of an incentive.”

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