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Jun 15

DVSA blunder leaves licensed motorists as learners

The DVSA has once again proven itself to be terrible at administration after a humungous blunder leaves experienced motorists without proof that they ever passed their DVSA practical driving test and stripped of their driving entitlements.

Jun 15

Peter Kay and the Driving Test

Peter Kay and the driving test: Following the success of TV comedy, Car Share, Peter Kay reveals all about his struggles with the UK driving test.

May 15

DVSA Practical Driving Test: What are ‘show me, tell me’ Questions?

The ‘show me, tell me’ questions are often forgotten about by learner drivers when it comes to taking the DVSA practical driving test. Book Theory Test Today provides a reminder of what they are and what you might be asked during your driving test.

May 15

113 Theory Test Failures for Britain’s Worst Learner Driver

Already dubbed Britain’s worst learner driver last year, unidentified woman has failed to pass her theory test a further three times.

Apr 15

DVSA Practical Driving Test: The Driving Test Report Explained – Part Three

Upon completing your DVSA practical driving test you will be issued with a test report. In the final part of this three part series, Book Theory Test Today breaks down further sections of the practical driving test report so you know the criteria you will be assessed on.

Apr 15

Practical Driving Test Tips – Dealing with Junctions

Throughout your DVSA practical driving test you will have to deal with junctions, there’s no escaping it. Book Theory Test Today offers some top tips to help you cope…

Apr 15

UK Driving Tuition should start using the Finnish example

With a growing belief that UK driving tuition should begin much earlier than it does at present, Book Theory Test Today looks at the example being set by Finland.

Apr 15

Survey Results | 9 Road Traffic Laws British Motorists Actually Want

Occasionally British motorists can see the funny side of driving laws in Britain and in a show of good humour, a recent survey reveals nine road traffic laws that drivers actually want to see implemented in the country. Book Theory Test Today indulges you…

Mar 15

Night Driving | Should it be Compulsory for Learner Drivers?

Driving experts are calling for learner drivers to be given night driving lessons on country roads. As the biggest shake-up of the driving test draws closer, Book Theory Test Today examines why experts want to see more learners taking night driving lessons.

Mar 15

RED Driving School Learners to be Taught in Renault Clio

One of the UK’s biggest driver training providers, RED Driving School, has announced a 3-year deal with Renault for the supply of the Clio to their driving instructors. What does the deal mean for learners and RED Driving School Instructors? Book Theory Test Today investigates.


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