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A Guide to Taking a Driving Test in Europe – Part Two

Book Theory Test Today delves deeper into taking a driving test in Europe. In the first part of the series we tackled the theory test. In part two we cover the practical driving test.

In comparison with the UK, the process leading up to taking a practical driving test on the continent is very similar. As covered in part one, you’re required to take a theory test in most other nations, with some slight differences as to how you’re assessed.

In a similar fashion, the format of the practical driving test abroad is virtually identical to the exam in the UK, just with some variations.

The process to book your practical test is the same as in Britain; you can use a third party service or go through the official channels.

The Practical Exam

Across all European nations the duration of the exam varies, ranging between 30-50 minutes. Perhaps the biggest difference in some European nations is that motorway driving during the exam is permitted. In Britain and Northern Ireland motorway driving is not included on the test.

Another noticeable difference is that in some countries both the exam invigilator and the driver’s instructor will accompany the candidate on a test. The exam invigilator will sit in the rear of the vehicle, while the instructor sits in the front passenger seat and unlike Britain it’s compulsory for the driving instructor to be present in the vehicle during the exam.

The documents required to be presented before taking the practical exam also vary. In Britain, numerous documents, including a theory test certificate, must be shown before an exam can start. However, in some European nations evidence of a theory test certificate is not required as it is checked electronically.

In some nations there is a requirement to hold a night driving certificate. The process of obtaining this document involves a separate theory test and a minimum number of hours driving experience achieved at night. In Norway and Sweden, it’s compulsory to have passed a night time driving theory test and to have achieved the required number of night driving hours.

Finally, following completion of the practical driving exam, some test centres on the continent do not provide immediate results. Having to inform a candidate that they have failed does result in some candidates becoming aggressive and abusive so results are issued at a later date, usually by post.

These are just some of the rules that apply to the driving test across Europe, but all legislation is subject to change. Therefore, if you plan to book your practical driving test abroad, or your theory test for that matter, always do your research.

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