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Should Learner Drivers be Allowed on Motorways? Part One – The Case for Learners on Motorways

It’s always baffled us here at Book Theory Test Today, when statistics show that a new driver is more likely to have an accident on a motorway than any other motorist, but motorway driving is not part of the test. So, should motorists be permitted to drive on motorways? Here is the case for learners on motorways.

The Case for Learners on Motorways

At the moment, the closest a learner driver gets to a motorway is theory test preparation and passing over a motorway bridge during driving lessons. But motorways have existed in Britain for the best part of 50 years, and the driving test has existed for close to 80 years. So, why are learners banned from driving on Britain’s motorways?

Apparently, the issue is the safety of drivers using the motorway. The Book Theory Test Today blogger says: “Safety, a bit of a bizarre statement if you ask me. The people who make these rules have clearly never been on the M1 at midnight, when so called ‘experienced drivers’ are carrying out crazy actions on par with stuntmen.”

Learners should be allowed on motorways to give them a complete driving experience. Is it any wonder that new drivers are more likely to crash on a motorway if they don’t have the experience?

Having undergone intense tuition, passed the theory test and practical exam, suddenly a learner has a licence and is expected to drive independently on a motorway, ridiculous.

The Book Theory Test Today blogger says: “I was quite fortunate, I didn’t pass my test until I was 23. My wife had passed at 18 and had plenty of motorway experience. The first time I took to a motorway was with my wife, and while all the males are laughing right now, it’s worth pointing out that having her there helped ease my nerves.”

In order to overcome the fear of driving on a motorway, and to gain experience, some new drivers resort to asking their driving instructors for a couple of extra lessons on the motorway. While Book Theory Test Today agrees that this is money well spent, it’s more money a driver has to pay out, when it should be part of the test as standard.

Banning learner drivers from motorways leaves the DVSA with a catch 22 situation. On the one-hand, learners are not permitted on motorways because of safety concerns, and on the other-hand, new drivers are causing more safety concerns on the UK’s motorways.

It’s the opinion of Book Theory Test Today that learner drivers on motorways, under the guidance and tuition of a fully qualified driving instructor, will make for a safer new driver in the long-term. Therefore, it’s a more viable option to see learners take to Britain’s motorways.

Next time…The case against learners on motorways.

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