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Book Theory Test Today – Fresh Calls For Speeding Crackdown In Wake Of 149mph Driver

Book Theory Test Today investigates the hotly debated topic of speeding motorists in Britain after motorist is caught clocking speeds of nearly 150mph on the M25.

Book Theory Test Today says: “Speeding is considered to be one of the most controversial topics when it comes to Britain’s highways. There are those that campaign for speed limits to be increased and those that want to see road speeds reduced. The argument tends to swing in favour of those wanting to see speed limits reduced. But, is the ‘Kill Your Speed’ message getting through?”

Many commentators would say no. The issue of speed is acknowledged right from the ‘get go’ of learning to drive. The subject of speed can be found in the Highway Code, in theory test resources, in the theory test itself and as part of the practical driving exam.

However, once the theory test is passed and the practical driving exam is dealt with, something happens to a minority of motorists, they see it as all the restrictions being released and suddenly forget that the rules regarding speed apply for life, not just for learning.

The latest example of one such driver blatantly flouting speeding laws is a motorist caught doing a staggering 149mph on the M25.

The Book Theory Test Today blogger says: “I’ve driven on the M25 numerous times, getting up to speeds of 70mph is considered fortunate on most days. I couldn’t imagine doing over twice that speed on such a congested motorway; they must have been driving down the hard shoulder, astonishing!”

The speeding motorist now has the infamous title of clocking the fastest speed ever recorded by police in England and Wales.

The information, released by the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) following a freedom of information request, comes from data compiled by police authorities throughout the UK.

The IAM believes that the message concerning speeding is ‘failing to make an impact’. Education via theory test resources and the practical driving exam seem to dissipate once a motorist gets a full UK licence.

Book Theory Test Today says: “When taking the theory test and practical driving exam, speed is used as marker for test success or failure. Answer a speed question wrong on the theory test; it could result in test failure. Exceed the speed limit during the practical driving exam; it could also result in failure.”

In a statement from IAM chief executive, Simon Best, he said: “If you’re involved in an accident at 149mph, chances are you won’t be walking away and you pose a great risk to other road users. Simply put, speed limits are a limit; they’re not a target for drivers to beat. They are in place for a reason.”

Mr Best added: “What’s frustrating is those that break the rules would be the first to complain if a speeding motorist killed or seriously injured one of their family members. This should serve as sobering thought, set an example, don’t become the next statistic.”

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