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Cracking Down On Speed – New Speeding Laws Could Result in a Ban for Exceeding Limit by 2mph

The Home Office has stunned motoring organisations with the introduction of a new ‘zero tolerance’ policy on speeding, Book Theory Test Today can reveal.

In a massive overhaul of current laws, motorists could face a potential driving ban if found exceeding speed limits by as little as 2mph.

Bob Ainsworth, a Home Office Minister, also revealed that he wants to implement a new procedure for the way offences are calculated.

Ainsworth’s proposals could see drivers disqualified for exceeding speed limits by just 1mph on three separate occasions, 6mph on two occasions and 16mph on one occasion. In more serious cases motorists could be forced to re-take the UK driving theory test and practical driving exam

Controversially, in the view of some, the ‘margin for error’, which allows for deficiencies in faulty speedometers, would be removed from current police guidelines.

Ministers have already prepared for an expected backlash and have pledged to consult further regarding the particulars of such a plan. The consultation is set to outline plans to force serious speeding offenders to sit a driving theory re-test and retake the practical driving test and gauge the response.

However, a number of campaign groups have already voiced their opposition to what they say are ‘draconian policies’, saying that tinkering with limits and fines would still leave a completely inefficient system.

Furthermore, forcing drivers to re-sit all elements of the driving exam, which includes the driving theory test (made up of multiple choice questions and the driving theory hazard perception test) and the practical driving test, has been described by campaign groups as another way for the DSA to generate more money, rather than dealing with speeding offences.

Speaking for the Association of British Drivers, Mark McArthur-Christie said: “This is completely the wrong approach – that if you stick to a number on the speedometer you are safe and if you go one mile over it you are a killer.”

In a statement from Kevin Delaney of the RAC foundation, he said: “These plans will lead to more people watching their speedometers instead of the road, and that will not increase safety.”

Those opposed to the plans argued that the UK already has the safest road network across the whole of Europe, despite the average speed on British motorways estimated to be 85mph, 15mph over the ‘legal’ limit. Britain’s safer roads can be attributed to ‘educating’ drivers during preparation for the UK theory test and the build-up to the practical driving test

A number of critics were of the opinion that: “The plan would be another hammer blow for motorists already struggling to cope with thousands more speed cameras, soaring company car taxation, high fuel prices and the prospect of tolls to drive into London and other cities.”

Present laws result in speeding motorists being issued with a £60 fixed-penalty fine and three points on their licence. There is currently no law that forces banned to drivers to book a theory test for re-sit purposes.

In a statement form Book Theory Test Today, they said: “Should such a law be passed we can help clients to book a theory test online via our website –

Motorists reaching, or exceeding 12 points on their licence, or breaking speed limits by 30mph or more face a driving ban by magistrates.

Under new laws, the points system will be based on a motorist receiving 20 points. However, more points will be issued for each offence and the speeds involved will be much lower. A new £90 fine will also be introduced for ‘severe’ speeding offenders.

In a statement from Mr Ainsworth he said: “The message is clear – dangerous driving kills and those found guilty can expect to be severely punished. We are not interested in penalising the law-abiding motorists, the vast majority of drivers. The measures will affect only those who commit offences.”

The Home Office hopes to fully ‘phase-in’ the new laws over the next two years.

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