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Cost of Motoring Crippling Young Drivers


Book Theory Test Today investigates the frustrations as the soaring cost of motoring is crippling young drivers.

Provisional licence costs, theory test costs, fees for driving lessons and the cost of the practical exam. The bill for simply learning to drive is a burden to Britain’s young motorists, but even after passing a theory test and practical exam, young drivers are faced with further financial woe just to get out on the road.

A recent study by price comparison website discover that over one-third (35%) of young people, aged 17-25, say that the cost of motoring is too expensive. These figures include the cost of learning to drive and operating a vehicle.

Book Theory Test Today says: “It’s no secret that young people struggle to find the finances to learn to drive and operate a car. Should a young driver pass the theory test, practical exam and be fortunate enough to afford a car, they are hit with massive insurance premiums. Insurance costs in Britain have risen drastically over recent years.”

A proportion of young people see the cost of motoring as a barrier, with the study showing that 32% of participants think it’s cheaper to use public transport.

22% of respondents, without access to a vehicle, admitted to feeling trapped at home, lacking a degree of independence and feeling isolated because they couldn’t go places.

Book Theory Test Today says: “For young people, owning a vehicle is deemed to be a rite of passage, bringing them independence. It’s difficult to express how desperate young people are to pass the driving theory test & practical exam to secure that independence.”

The survey revealed that, for those fortunate enough to own a car, young drivers are spending an average of £1,831.40 per year to keep their vehicle on the road. Four from every five respondents said that they spend around 30% of their income to operate a car, two-fifths (39%) of these respondents admitted to spending over £2,000 per year.

Book Theory Test Today says: “Taking all these costs into consideration and then adding the average cost for driving lessons, which is £1,381, plus licences and further fees, it suddenly becomes clear how motoring can cripple a young person financially.”

Such is the financial burden, the survey shows that 18% of young drivers look to their parents to help them cover motoring expenses. However, 15% of drivers who have passed the theory test and practical exam are unable to go any further because affordability becomes an issue.

One particular barrier is insurance and such is the desperation for young drivers to get on the road they are cutting corners on their insurance. A new trend known as ‘fronting’ fraud has recently emerged, whereby a young, inexperienced motorist lists a person with a better driving track record in a bid to reduce insurance quotes.

Book Theory Test Today says: “The financial outlay associated with being a young driver combined with operating a vehicle remains considerable. However, the effort made to make driving and owning a car more accessible to young people can only be viewed as steps in the right direction.

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