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From the Mouth of Martin: Top Tips to Slash the Cost of Motoring – #22

Strap yourselves in wannabe petrol heads. With the help of money saving expert, Martin Lewis, Book Theory Test Today is hitting the road with 50 top tips that will cut your motoring costs. Tune in each & every week for a new tip and remember to share with friends and family and slash the cost of motoring.

This week we’re looking at tax renewal using Google. Beware the shyster setting up their official looking website to dupe you into paying your vehicle tax with them and increasing the cost of motoring for you.

Cut the cost of motoring tip #22 – Beware search engines when renewing tax

Book Theory Test Today says: “Google is awash with sites looking all official and attempting to entice you into renewing your vehicle tax with them. Type in ‘car tax’ or ‘pay vehicle tax’ into Google and you’re greeted with around 195,000,000 results. But be careful who you pay your tax to otherwise the cost of motoring could get expensive.”

The way these websites are set up on Bing, Google or any other search engine is to look official and they appear on the first page of these search engines because the sites are optimised with keywords [words that you use to search for a website that can renew car tax].

However, you often find that many of these websites charge additional fees – or ‘administration costs’ – for using their service to renew your vehicle tax, costs which are added to the price of renewing. What is a one off fee elsewhere suddenly costs you more, ramping up the cost of motoring for you.

These sites are clones and will have you filling out the tax renewal application form and adding their own charges. Before you know it, you’ve paid an extra £100 to have your vehicle tax renewed and with rates ranging anywhere between £10 – £1,000 per year, an extra £100 added to your yearly cost of motoring adds up over the years.

Book Theory Test Today says: “Yes some would argue we are a similar kind of company because we book theory tests on behalf of clients, but our costs are clear and we spell out exactly what you get for your money.

However, when it comes to renewing vehicle tax, even Book Theory Test Today recommends using the official government website to keep the cost of motoring to a minimum for you.”

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