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Bikers beat drivers in theory test survey

It is official, bikers are better than drivers when it comes to driving theory. Thinking of booking a motorbike theory test? Now’s the time. You stand a great chance of passing based on these results!

A challenge set by insurance brokers, Carole Nash, showed that bikers are better than drivers when it comes to road safety. Drivers, who had passed a theory test, and bikers, who had passed a motorbike theory test, went head-to-head retaking a theory test to see who would come out on top.

Bikers, you emerged victorious. Based on results from the challenge, using questions from the official DVSA theory test, one in five (16 per cent) drivers would likely fail a driving theory test if they were to retake it compared to just 6 per cent of riders likely to fail a motorbike theory test.

Where are drivers going wrong?

The challenge uncovered that drivers really struggled with road signs. Out of eight categories of the driving theory test challenge, 83 per cent of bikers correctly identified the road signs presented. Only 68 per cent of drivers managed to do the same.

Here’s a driving theory test question that left drivers baffled:

“When are you permitted to cross double solid white lines in the centre of the road?” Answer to follow later! Keep reading.

Confident you’ve got this right? If you did, you’re in the company of 92 per cent of bikers who answered correctly, leaving drivers in the rear view mirror with just 71 per cent providing the right answer.

Why do bikers do so well on the motorbike theory test?

Rebecca Donohue, Head of Marketing for Carole Nash, has a theory: “Bikers score highly on the motorbike theory test because they’re clued up with what’s happening on the road at all times. It’s a thrilling way to travel, but without being fully aware of their surroundings and the rules of the road it’s as equally risky as it is exhilarating.”

Bikers beware of drivers

Most frightening for bikers is that a huge number of drivers participating in the theory test challenge did not know how to safely interpret or react to common road situations involving motorbikes. Amazingly, just 4 out of 10 drivers identified that they should allow more space when overtaking a biker in windy conditions.

Unsurprisingly, 95 per cent of bikers identified that this was correct road etiquette.

Karen Cole, the Motorcycle Industry Association’s (MCIA) Training Director, said: “Many bikers are car drivers too and what this theory test challenge has revealed is that experiencing the road using two different vehicles makes you a safer road user.

This challenge endorses the idea that motorcycling is a long-term solution for improving road safety.”

One theory test for all says MCIA

At present, there is a motorbike theory test and a separate test for car drivers, but the MCIA wants to see just one theory test for both.

Almost forgot! The answer to the question is as follows: To pass a road maintenance vehicle travelling at 10 mph or less.

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