Motorcycle Lane Filtering | Is It Legal In The UK? Motorcycle Lane Filtering | Is It Legal In The UK?
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Motorcycle Lane Filtering | Is It Legal In The UK?

In some countries across the world, motorcycle lane filtering, or ‘lane splitting’, is outlawed. Book Theory Test Today reveals the rules for the UK.

It’s Legal

Motorcycle theory test questions about lane filtering are often answered incorrectly. Why? There’s a common misconception that it’s illegal. In fact, it’s the opposite; provided that manoeuvres are performed safely.

When is Motorcycle Lane Filtering Illegal?

Ok, just because it’s legal doesn’t mean that filtering is advisable in every road scenario. For the purpose of enhancing you theory test knowledge, you need to know when motorcycle lane filtering could land you in trouble with the law.

One instance is filtering when passing queuing traffic where overtaking is prohibited, for example roads with solid white lines.

Another instance is when you’re approaching a crossing that’s marked with zig-zags on the road.

Why Should I Care?

If you’re involved in an accident when filtering illegally, not only could you kill or seriously injure yourself or another road user, you’re liable on the insurance. It could prove to be an expensive manoeuvre.

The Case for Motorcycle Lane Filtering

As long as it’s done safely, there are many advocates for motorcycle lane filtering, particularly among the motorcycling contingent. In fact, recent research indicates that lane splitting is safer than actually sitting in traffic and, it apparently speeds up traffic for other road users.

Statistical evidence suggests that motorcyclists involved in accidents, who were lane splitting at the time, are less likely to be injured than a motorcyclist who remains stationary. Lane splitters suffer 45 percent fewer head injuries, 21 percent fewer neck injuries, 32 percent fewer torso injuries, 12 percent fewer arm & leg injuries and 55 per cent fewer fatalities.

Why? Commentators suggest that accidents occurring while lane filtering happen at speeds between 1 and 30 mph. Exceed 30 mph though, and injury rates surge according to data.

There’s also a case for motorcycle lane filtering improving the environment. How? Apparently, every bike that lane splits is actively reducing the amount of time other road vehicles are on the highways, resulting in less pollution.

 The Case Against Motorcycle Lane Filtering

For the car driver, motorcycle lane filtering is queue jumping. It also means they have to be extra vigilant, putting the responsibility on them to ensure they do not hit a motorcyclist weaving their way through stationary traffic.

Some drivers claim that motorcycle lane filtering causes damage to cars, with increased incidents of wing-mirror and body damage.  

Final Word

When done responsibly, motorcycle lane filtering is beneficial. However, with many other countries making it illegal, will it be long before the UK follows suit?

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