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Become a better motorcyclist with the enhanced rider scheme

You’ve completed your CBT course, passed the and the practical exam. You’re now a fully fledged motorcyclist, but you want to improve. Book Theory Test Today recommends the enhanced rider scheme.

What is the enhanced rider scheme?

Book Theory Test Today says: “Don’t worry, you’re not required to pass another test. The enhanced rider scheme provides training and assesses your motorcycle riding skills to help you improve and keep you safe on Britain’s roads.”

If you’re a fully licensed motorcycle rider and you’ve passed your full motorcycle test then you qualify for the enhanced rider scheme. The scheme is suitable for you if you’ve:

  • Recently passed your practical motorcycle test
  • Returned to riding after a lengthy break
  • Upgraded to a more powerful motorcycle
  • Got a desire to check your riding standard

The benefit of getting involved in the enhanced rider scheme is that you can get motorcycle insurance discounts should you successfully complete the scheme.

How does the enhanced rider scheme work?

Book Theory Test Today says: “The enhanced rider scheme is very straight forward and follows a simple format, designed to help you improve as a motorcyclist.”

First off, you will undergo a rider assessment with a qualified, expert trainer riding in varying road and traffic conditions.

The ride will last anywhere between 1 and 2 hours, giving your assessor ample time to gauge your skills. If this assessment reveals that you require no further training you will be issued with a ‘DVSA certificate of competence’, immediately.

Should you require more training, you will be assigned a personal instructor in order to get you to the standard needed to receive a DVSA certificate of competence.

The type of training you will be given depends entirely on your ability and the areas that need improving. You could require an all-day course or a series of shorter sessions.

How much does the enhanced rider scheme cost?   

Cost is very much dependent on the trainer and the level of training you require.

Next steps

If you have not yet passed your motorcycle theory test or practical exam and you’re interested in the enhanced rider scheme, you can book your theory test and practical exam with BookTheoryTestToday.com – once you have completed both of these elements you are then eligible to apply for the enhanced rider scheme.  

Unfortunately, anyone who has only completed the CBT course is not eligible to apply for the enhanced rider scheme. However, if you book your theory test and practical exam today and then pass them both, you’ll be able to get involved with the enhanced rider scheme.

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