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Lincolnshire Tops UK Road Deaths Figures

New data revealed by the Department for Transport (DfT) shows that Lincolnshire has the most number of recorded road deaths out of all local authorities in Britain, Book Your Theory Test Today can reveal

Going back as far as 2011, the data also revealed that Lincolnshire ranked 10th when taking into account the number of road deaths by population.

A spokesperson for Lincolnshire Council said: “We need to get back to educating motorists at the grass roots. For example, as motorists prepare for taking a UK theory test, we need to make information on road safety more accessible and more prominent in the early stages of driving life.”

The spokesperson added: “If more was done to monitor more closely, when a person books a British driving theory test for instance, information packs could be posted out. Theory test resources should also be provided freely, the more exposure to educational resources, the better. If people relate to driving theory rather than just seeing it as a means to passing an exam we would undoubtedly see road safety improve.”

Statistics reveal that in 2011, 254 vehicle occupants were killed or seriously injured across Lincolnshire, representing the highest number since 2005.

Furthermore, approximately 66 pedestrians were involved in fatal accidents, or were seriously injured, alongside 36 cyclists and 111 motorcycle drivers or passengers.

In rural locations there were 1,529 collisions, compared with 826 in urban settings. 71% of those injured were male.

Of those fatalities and serious injuries, the majority were in the 36-45 age bracket closely followed by individuals in the 16-20 year old age group. Just 22 victims were aged over 75.

As well as releasing statistical data the DfT also provided a map that plots where many of the incidents across Lincolnshire took place. The map reveals that the accident ‘hotspots’ in Lincolnshire include Monks Road, lower Lincoln High Street, South Park Avenue at the junction with Canwick Road and the notorious A46.

In a statement from Head of Highways at Lincolnshire County Council, Brian Thompson, who oversees road safety across the county, he said: “Lincolnshire has the fourth longest road network in the UK and the majority of our roads are winding, undulating single carriageways. Consequently, national comparisons like these are interesting, but don’t necessarily give a fair reflection of road safety in Lincolnshire.”

He added: “What is important for us all to remember is that over the last ten years, the number of people who have been killed or seriously injured on our roads has fallen by half and 2012 was the lowest on record for fatalities. It is also worth noting that Lincoln has one of the highest driving theory test pass rates in the country, so people in Lincoln do understand what’s required to be safe on the roads.”

With the number of road accidents declining in Lincolnshire in 2012 the council has pledged to invest £2 million in improving road conditions in Lincolnshire in the hope that it will improve road safety. The authority has stated its commitment to raising awareness of road safety across the county, particularly in its more rural locations where a high proportion of road traffic accidents occur.

They have pledged to do this by better preparing motorists at the grass root level by helping people to understand the importance of driving theory and applying that to life on Lincoln’s roadways.

Lincolnshire is on a mission to reverse the trend of being known as a road traffic calamity county and is working tirelessly to introduce new, innovative road traffic calming measures that will benefit motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.

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