Latvian Man Passes Driving Test First Time Despite Disability | Book Theory Test Today Blog Latvian Man Passes Driving Test First Time Despite Disability | Book Theory Test Today Blog
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Latvian Man Passes Driving Test First Time Despite Disability

Book Theory Test Today blogs on one man’s incredible journey to driving test success despite what many would view as an obvious hindrance.

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Meet Gatis Caunitis, 26 years-old from Riga, Latvia. He passed his theory test and practical driving exam first time. ‘So what?’, we hear you holler, loads of people have done the same. However, Mr Caunitis passed despite having no arms.

Yes that’s right, Mr Caunitis lost both his arms in an accident at the age of six, but refused to let his disability prevent him from leading a normal life. He sought out an instructor who would be willing to help him learn to drive and has never looked backed.

Having successfully completed the driving theory test in Riga, Mr Caunitis went on to do the impossible, pass the practical exam and acquire his full driving licence.

The Book Theory Test Today blogger says: “This story is just incredible. In the UK we complain about theory test revision, how hard the theory test is and how practical exam invigilators are too harsh on candidates. Well, spare a thought for this guy. He faced everything head on and proved so many people wrong.”

How does he drive a car?

Using his left foot to steer and his right foot to operate the pedals, Mr Caunitis proved that his disability does not affect his ability to drive. He rests his left foot on the steering wheel while using his right foot to push pedals, operate the gear stick and turn on the ignition.

The Book Theory Test Today blogger says: “Passengers who have travelled with Mr Caunitis say he’s an excellent driver, even though he’s only able to use his feet.”

Explaining his situation, Mr Caunitis said: “The instructor in the driving school showed no sign of surprise when he saw me. Like if it was just an ordinary situation.”

His instructor said: “The only concession is that he drives a vehicle with an automatic gearbox, but apart from that he steers the car like any other driver.”

Mr Caunitis continued: “I asked him [my instructor] if he was afraid of driving with me, he said no. I passed both the theory test and practice in the first attempt. Actually, before allowing me to sit on a driver’s seat, the instructor asked the Department of Transportation if there could be any claims against a disabled student. They said they had none.”

The Book Theory Test Today blogger says: “So, before you let your peers tell you that the theory test is hard or the practical driving exam is too demanding, remember the story or Mr Caunitis. He is proof that there is no obstacle too big to stop you from reaching your goal of getting a driving licence.

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