10 Road Rules You Didn’t Know You Were Breaking – Part Two | Book Theory Test Today Blog 10 Road Rules You Didn’t Know You Were Breaking – Part Two | Book Theory Test Today Blog
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10 Road Rules You Didn’t Know You Were Breaking – Part Two

In part one of the series, Book Theory Test Today revealed five of the most obscure road rules you probably never knew you were breaking. In part two we reveal the remaining five, some may surprise you.
Book Theory Test Today says: “Road rules, the majority of us obey them. But, did you know? You could be breaking road laws unwittingly. Here are a few more that could catch you out. It’s worth knowing them as you prepare for a theory test or practical driving exam as such knowledge could be difference between success or failure.”

Playing Loud Music
Questions relating to loud music are rarely found on the theory test. But, on the off–chance that it does occur on your theory test, you should know that playing music loudly, particularly when your windows are down, could be construed as distracting for yourself and other motorists.

Holding a Baby in Your Arms
Questions related to child safety are a regular feature on the theory test, but some people are still unaware that, as a passenger, cradling a child while the car is in motion, even if wearing a seatbelt, is completely against the law. However, it’s not the passenger that is culpable, it’s the driver. So, if you’re transporting children, ensure they are safely secured in your vehicle.

All children are required to have a restraint, for example a booster seat or child safety seat. These are required until the child reaches 12 years of age or reaches a height of 135cm or over. The only vehicles in which these rules do not apply are taxis and buses.

Road Rage
Book Theory Test Today says: “Road rage has become commonplace on Britain’s roads over the last 20 years, hence the reason that laws punishing road rage were brought into effect.”

Barraging other road users or pedestrians with abuse, using expletives and making rude hand gestures are all considered an offence as they can lead to reckless or dangerous driving.

Driving the Morning After a Heavy Drinking Session
Book Theory Test Today says: “A common misconception among motorists is that they are legal to drive the morning after a night of heavy drinking. But, getting in at 2am and then driving at 7am means that not enough time has elapsed for alcohol to leave the body. Therefore, a proportion of those penalised for drink-driving, are often caught in the morning.”

Convictions of motorists who are over the alcohol limit from the previous night are on the rise. Due to the amount of alcohol being consumed by some irresponsible motorists it has been known for drivers to stop drinking at midnight, but still be over the legal limit at 4pm the next day, a time difference of 16 hours.

Book Theory Test Today says: “There exists a number of motoring myths regarding road laws that people believe make them immune to the law including:
The two week grace period for renewing a tax disc (it’s not true)
10% speed limit discretion (it’s not true)
Violating any of the road laws will lead to a fine, points on your licence and even a driving ban.”
In a statement from Solicitor Natali Farrell, of Just Motor Law, she said: “It’s useful for motorists to refresh themselves of the law by re-reading the Highway Code to avoid some of the myths. Knowing the law can help a motorist avoid breaking it. Some offences are less clear-cut than say, speeding, and open to interpretation, which means there may be scope to challenge on several grounds.”
There you have it folks, Book Theory Test Today’s guide to obscure motoring laws. Make sure you familiarise yourself with them in preparation for your theory test, practical exam or taking to the open road as a fully-fledged licence holder. BE SAFE!!!
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