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A Guide to Taking a Driving Test in Europe – Part One

Book Theory Test Today takes an in-depth look at driving tests throughout Europe. Find out about the physical and mental requirements of taking a practical test outside of the UK and discover whether you’re required to take a theory test.

In some cases taking a driving theory test and practical exam outside of the UK is very similar. However, in some European nations the driving test varies quite differently to the UK’s version.

Every European nation has to strive to meet minimum driving test standards; however, how those standards are applied is left to the judgement of European member states.

Throughout Europe, 90% of all theory test and practical driving exams are taken to achieve a Category B licence for a car. This is because all new lorry and bus drivers are also required to take a theory test & practical exam within this category in order to take exams in the bus/lorry category.

Physical & Mental Fitness to Drive

For the purpose of the practical driving exam, all nations tend to have an eyesight test and ask you to provide a medical fitness declaration. In Britain, Belgium and the Netherlands the eyesight testing is conducted by asking you to read a vehicle’s registration number.

However, in other countries your eyesight must be verified by an optician. But, in countries such as Spain and Austria, no medical examination is needed.

The Theory Test

Most nations tend to have a written or computerised theory test, which needs to be taken by all prospective candidates. Similar to the UK, for those with reading difficulties or non-native speakers, it’s available in audio format.

However, theory tests in each country vary on which topics are covered, but predominantly the main difference, compared to the UK is that first aid questions are asked, questions relating to environmentally friendly driving are asked and there are questions about alcohol and drug use, and questions about medicines.

More general topics covered in international theory tests include: traffic law, rules and road procedures, driver and vehicle regulations, speed limits, and stopping distances.

In Hungary, Germany and Austria candidates must acquire a first aid certificate before they’re permitted to take a theory exam.

In some nations, including Croatia and Ireland, a theory test must be taken and successfully completed before a learner motorist is permitted to take practical driving lessons.

Furthermore, in countries such as Germany, Luxembourg and Hungary, theory test candidates are obligated to undertake a prescribed course of driving theory lessons as a condition of applying to take a theoretical test.

To book your theory test online in some nations the process is also very different. It’s best to check with the official Government website of the nation in which you wish to book your theory test to find out the procedure.

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